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Travel by bike

The bike is a great choice to get to know Latvia – a wonderful, small country located in the north-east of the European coast of the Baltic Sea bordering Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania. The inhabitants of Latvia speak a unique Latvian language, in the world only Lithuanian language is similar to it. Latvia has a small territory, but a great variety of natural values and riches in cultural heritage.

Cycling is allowed on any road in Latvia, so everyone has the opportunity to create one’s own travel route.

However, to explore the nature and culture of this country as much as possible, cycle routes have been created, that makes it easier for the traveller to arrange a route. Five Greenways, three EuroVelo routes, two national and six regional routes have been marked out of more than 80 Latvian cycle routes, as well as 13 most interesting local cycle routes have been highlighted

The best time for cycling in Latvia is from May to October. The four seasons give charm and diverse feelings of travel, sometimes the same route varies when it is flowing in a thriving spring, in the blooming summer, or during the harvest in the autumn. The route is based on an unforgettable natural pleasure – the Baltic Sea coast, green forests, rustling pine groves, deep river valleys, sloping hills, diverse meadows and foodful crop fields.

They are complemented by cultural heritage objects such as castles, manor houses, churches, museums and old towns.

It is worth visiting both the capital of Riga and entering the cities of Latvia and small towns as the charming medieval city of Cēsis, the winds and the Latvian rock music capital Liepāja, the resort town of Jūrmala, the fortress and Mark Rothko's childhood town Daugavpils, the adventure capital of Sigulda, and Kurzeme pearl Kuldīga. A wide and varied range of lodging and catering facilities allows you to restore your strength and go on a long journey.

On the routes it is possible both to dine in restaurants and to enjoy the typical Latvian meal in a country house. Driving conditions are diverse and different. In the largest cities there are safe bike paths, but outside of them cyclists have to share the road with other traffic participants, especially on EuroVelo routes.

The bicycle has become a popular means of transportation in Latvia in recent years, so traffic participants are still learning to adapt to each other, but road safety is good and mutual relation culture and respect between drivers and cyclists are increasing. Routes in rural areas go through beautiful, small rural, forest or slightly broader gravel roads, the quality of which is variable and depends on road maintenance and natural conditions. If a small road is more difficult to pass and its coverage could be more qualitative, it is offset by diverse and interesting sights, magnificent natural landscapes, green forests, well-kept plowlands, fragrant flower meadows, and refreshing lakes. Most of the routes on this map are marked.

When travelling, visit local tourist information centres with high quality and versatile information. In the Information Centres you will find not only detailed maps and route descriptions but also get useful tips for accommodations and dining options

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