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Beautiful places to enjoy a cocktail in Riga and near it

A refreshing cocktail in good company is a great way to celebrate a holiday or the arrival of a weekend. Although cocktails can be purchased at most cafes and bars, we have put together some cocktail bars where enjoying a drink will be a real adventure!


One of the favourite bars of townies for enjoying cocktails with a fabulous view over the city is the cocktail bar “Herbārijs”. It is located on the 8th floor of the Galleria Riga shopping centre and features an extremely green and plant-rich interior that visually resembles a greenhouse or green oasis in the city centre. The theme of plants is also reflected in the food and drinks served, which are colourful and stunning. We especially recommend going here at sunset.

Kafenīca uz jumta


“Gimlet Nordic Cocktail Bar”

To taste the northern flavours, head to the Gimlet Bar, where northern-style asceticism and minimalism are also included in the bar's interior and design. Cocktails are made from products that grow domestically in the Baltic Sea region, and tropical fruits and citrus fruits are deliberately not used here, because they have their own “northern lemons” - quinces and rhubarb!

Kokteilis uz galda



Rich art-deco interior, dark, colourful atmosphere and a place to enjoy excellent cocktails - this is the cocktail bar “Minox”. Further from the centre, on the 14th floor of the modern “Jaunas Teikas” complex, the bar offers an impressive view over Riga and a special atmosphere. Everyone will find something appealing on the exquisite cocktail menu and take pleasure in a bouquet of gorgeous and aromatic flavours. You can also enjoy delicious snacks during the evening, perfectly complementing the nuances of the refreshing cocktails.

Bārs Rīgā



“Mākonis” is a cocktail bar and restaurant that specialises in making cocktails using selected ingredients, freshly squeezed juices and homemade syrups. Both classic and unique cocktails created by “Mākonis” are available, but a special place on the cocktail menu is reserved for the “Old Fashioned”, which is available in six different versions. If you want to learn the art of mixing cocktails yourself, then it’s good to know - “Cloud” offers cocktail master classes, where you can find out and learn various tricks and secrets so that you can make an excellent cocktail yourself. 

Trīs krāsaini kokteiļi


“Andalūzijas suns”

You will find several restaurants in the small, romantic quarter “Berga Bazars”, but the “Andalūzijas suns” has to be especially highlighted for enjoying cocktails. In summer they can be enjoyed on the spacious outdoor terrace, but during the coldest part of the year - in the industrial and cosy interiors.

The bar is unique with its wide selection of gin; more than 50 gins from different countries. Enjoy a variety of gin cocktails or other alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks in a special atmosphere!

Restorāna iekštelpas



In the heart of the city you will find the “Cynic” cocktail bar filled with neon lights. Bright interior, free atmosphere on two floors, as well as the opportunity to play “Arcade fights” or “Pinball” games for a more attractive evening mood.

The bartenders of “Cynic” serve both classic and unique cocktails, but Pablo PiscoBar stands out as a popular cocktail. Enjoy the casual atmosphere, great music and rock ‘n’ roll!

Dzēriens kokteilis



Restaurant “Principal” is located in an exclusive place on the bank of the River Daugava, which creates a romantic atmosphere for both tasting the restaurant's cuisine and sipping cocktails. The interior of the restaurant is also special, the design of which combines all four elements - air, water, earth and fire. But according to the owners, it is the fifth element of the restaurant, the guests, who really make this place so great. In the summer season, it is possible to spend evenings on the outdoor terrace.Restorāna terase vasarā


“Skyline” bar

An adventure not only for the taste buds, but also for the eyes - this will be a visit to the bar “Skyline”! The bar, located on the 26th floor of the Radisson Blu Latvia Hotel, offers an amazing view over the rooftops of Riga. We recommend going here in all seasons, because the view over the city is always changing and will be interesting both in winter and summer.

Dzeltens kokteilis


“Cloud nine”

In the quiet centre of Riga is the cocktail bar “Cloud Nine”, where you can enjoy the aura of the world. Here you will find exquisite cocktails, rare alcoholic beverages, and you can enjoy snacks until two at night.

It should be noted that the way the cocktails are served in this cocktail bar is especially amazing - they have thought about the glasses and vessels in which the drinks are served, as well as the impressive presentation of each cocktail, for example, with elements of dry ice and smoke.

Interjers bārā


“Seaside bārs” in Jurmala

A short drive from Riga, in the resort town of Jurmala, you will find Jomas Street, a pedestrian street. Here you will find several cafés and bars for leisurely cocktails. However, if you want to enjoy a drink with a great view, we recommend going to the cocktail bar “Seaside” on the 11th floor of Hotel Jurmala Spa. It offers a wide view over Jurmala, the Gulf of Riga, and the meanders of the River Lielupe from a bird's eye view. The view is especially unique at sunset!

Divi kokteiļi cilvēku rokās


“X.O Beach Lounge & Club” on Dzintaru beach

If you go in the direction of Jurmala to enjoy relaxing on the beach, then in Dzintari you will find “XO Beach Lounge & Club” by the sea. Leisurely rest on comfortable loungers, cooling cocktails, a swimming pool and the sea just a few steps away - the real taste of holiday!

Krāsains kokteilis glāzē


Enjoying cocktails can be exciting - sweet, sour and bitter flavours, combined in one drink, create a real moment of surprise. Together with a hospitable and surprising way of serving cocktails, it will feel like a celebration!

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