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Ideas for holidays in the regions of Latvia

It doesn’t matter which Latvian region you plan to visit, you can find many beautiful and less-known places in each and every one of them. We’ve listed 12 of those spots here – discover paths less traveled and new places in the regions of Latvia! 

Get inspired and go on trips without worry!


Jāņupīte Nature Trail

Sabīne Unda Zeidenberga
Foto Sabīne Unda Zeidenberga

Jāņupīte Nature Trail is a 1.1-kilometre-long hiking and recreation spot located in the forest with several sets of stairs and bridges. Walking along the trail, you can witness the power of the 2005 hurricane, which felled trees of impressive age, as well as measure the circumference of a 170–180 year old tree. You can calculate the age of a felled tree by counting the rings in its trunk, each ring representing a year, as well as examine different types of polypores on felled and rotting birch trunks.


“Airīte” Railway Station

Dzelzceļa stacija Airīte

“Airīte” Station is an industrial heritage site open to the public; it has been restored and preserved as close as possible to the original, with an authentic 1930s style. The station is located on the Riga–Liepāja railway line, and its lobby and ticket desk area houses an exhibition with tactile, operable, and interactive exhibits. They tell the story of the creation of the railway line and the work, life, and destiny of the station and its inhabitants. It’s a place to dive into history.


Strante–Ulmale Seashore Bluffs

Strantes Ulmales stāvkrasts

Strante–Ulmale Seashore Bluffs are a protected nature site, starting a few kilometres north of Pāvilosta. The bluffs stretch for several tens of kilometres, and their height reaches up to 16 metres in some places. It’s a beautiful destination for lovers of the sea, where the scenery is ever-changing depending on the season and the weather.



Lielezers Nature Trail

Lielezera dabas taka

On the shore of Limbaži Lielezers Lake is the 3.6 kilometre-long Lielezers Nature Trail. The northern end of the lake boasts a bird-watching tower, whereas the beach area has a children's playground, well-maintained recreation spots, and a boat dock; in the summer it is possible to rent SUP boards and catamarans for some fun on the water.


Dabas taka “Aiviekstes ozoli”

Aiviekstes ozoli

“Aiviekstes ozoli” Nature Trail winds along the bank of the Aiviekste River and offers various options for outdoor activities. An archery stand has been set up in the trail’s initial stretch, offering hikers the opportunity to try their hand at historical activities such as spear throwing, stone putting, and knife throwing. The trail also includes a Stone Age settlement, which lets visitors go many thousands of years into the past and see what life was like for the inhabitants of the historical Abora Settlement. To try these activities and learn more about life in the Stone Age, you need to apply in advance.


Cirgaļi Tower

Cirgaļu tornis

Cirgaļi Viewing Tower is located in the “Ziemeļgauja” Area of Protected Landscapes. It is 27 metres high, and from the top of the tower visitors can enjoy a view of the Gauja River, its bends and surrounding area – meadows and forests. 23 kilometres from Cirgaļi Viewing Tower is Zvārtava Castle – if you wish to go on a longer hike!



“Mazzariņi” Ostrich Farm

Strausu ferma Mazzariņi

The ostrich farm offers to introduce visitors to African ostrich species of different ages and sexes and provide comprehensive information on the world’s largest birds. Listen to exciting stories, enjoy exquisite emotions, gain new knowledge, take gorgeous photos, and purchase exclusive products all in one place!


Tērvete Wooden Castle

Tērvetes koka pils

If you’re in Zemgale, don’t forget to visit Tērvete – you’ll not only find beautiful nature, delightful nature trails, and a place to enjoy your family holiday, but also an unusual wooden building. The Tērvete Wooden Castle reconstruction project is the first of its kind in Latvia, where one of the most influential 12th century buildings in the territory of Latvia, rich with its own history, is being rebuilt based on archaeological evidence. 


Tērvete Castle Ruins and Castle Mound

Tērvetes pilsdrupas

The Tērvete Castle of the Livonian Order crowned the top of the mound in the 13th and early 14th centuries. Today the mound is adorned only by the castle ruins that have survived in the form of a rectangular wall; these ruins are just one of the many reasons to go on a holiday trip to Zemgale and Tērvete!



“Kotiņi” Agricultural Farm and Rekova Mill

Z/S Kotiņi

Rekova Mill is the pearl of the eastern border. Here, visitors have the opportunity to taste local products from Latgale, expanding their gastronomical horizons. Groups are offered a unique dining experience – a Latgalian meal prepared from local products according to ancient and brand new recipes. The main ingredients of the dishes are comprised of “Kotiņi” Agricultural Farm’s products (visitors also have the option to go on an excursion around the farm itself). Groups are very welcome - visits must be booked in advance. A treat for your taste buds!


“Dzerkaļi” Recreation Complex


Fresh air, tranquility, and a beach experience on the shores of Cirma Lake. It is one of the largest and most modern recreation complexes in Latgale, with cottages and tent sites for outdoor recreation. It’s perfect for families and children and for active recreation, corporate events, and sports competitions. You can go there for a day trip or spend several days touring Latgale.


“Numernes valnis” Nature Park

Numernes valnis

The nature park is a “NATURA 2000” territory, and it hosts specially protected habitats – pine forests home to the bloody geranium and cutleaf anemone. The park includes a nature trail and a viewing tower, atop which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the forests of Latgale. It is also the destination of cycling route No. 776 – if you are a cyclist, be sure to visit this serene nature park!

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