In the nature park "Numernes valnis" you can enjoy the panorama from the 20 m high observation tower, go on a walking-information trail or take the marked bicycle route No.776.

"Numernes valnis" is a NATURA 2000 territory and it is one of the few places in Latvia where a dry pine forest has formed on ash or ash-like ramparts. Rare and protected species such as Ruiša's dragon's head, sand asparagus and herbaceous sand are found in the nature park "Numernes valnis".

As a result of leaching at the foot of the rampart, slightly calcareous soils have formed, which is suitable for a plant species protected in Latvia - the yellow cuckoo.

The nature park also has swampy forests, as well as such protected species as the humpback whale and Lēzeelis lipare, a four-toothed snail.

"Numernes valnis" is one of the richest places in the forest moorland. All this can be seen when going on a hike in the nature park "Numernes valnis".


Nūmierņa, Salnava parish, Ludza district

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Nūmierņa, Salnava parish, Ludza district