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Latvian products in the online stores - feel the vibe of Latvia

While it is rather difficult to visit Latvia, we offer you a bit of a different chance to get to know our small, but gorgeous country. Thanks to the digital world and the Internet, there is a way you can feel Latvia and Latvians - things we like, things we eat and drink, use daily, and would recommend to others. 

You can feel the vibe of Latvia by ordering special Latvian-made products in the online stores.

Here are 15 Latvian e-stores we suggest you look at!

*Look through delivery options for every online store - if they can deliver to your country.

#1 The Munio

The Munio

Candles... Everyone loves candles, that is why you should try Latvian handmade candles nurtured by Latvian master craftsmen. Each candle is made with care and love using only 100% natural soy wax and fragrances capturing Northern nature.

By the way, The Munio also has a Skincare line - check that out too!


#2 MADARA Cosmetics

MADARA Cosmetics

Manufacturer of organic skincare, hair care and baby care, that uses the finest natural and organic ingredients.

A little bit of everything nice - healing powers of northern herbs, pure and effective ingredients, environmentally friendly and colourful packaging - creates products not only for skin but also for the soul.


#3 Kinetics Beauty

Kinetics Beauty

Who doesn’t like pretty nails, right? This Latvian company offers nail products - nail polishes, nail care and skincare products. It is all about elegance and clean simplicity, getting inspiration from the Nordic aesthetic and its pristine nature. All products are of professional quality yet they are user friendly.


#4 an&angel


Gorgeous crystal and glass design, bowls, vases and art objects. The creation of unprecedented forms is the brand's driving force, so be ready to find unusual forms and designs. Every an&angel bowl is an individual work of art, hand-blown utilizing the specific technique, thus giving distinct brilliance and style.


#5 Laima Ceramics

Laima Ceramics

Laima Ceramics is a collection of tableware rooted infusion of art, craftsmanship and design. Nestled in the deep countryside of Latvia, unique items are designed and created to become part of your daily life.


#6 Riija


Riija is Latvian concept and lifestyle store, boutique in the heart of Riga. It offers products by Latvian designers ranging from refined washed linen bed linen, towels and freestyle clothing to original furniture, tableware and lighting fixtures.


#7 SKRĪVERU sweets

Skriveru saldumi

We love sweets, that is why we cannot say it enough - try Latvian made SKRĪVERU sweets - chocolate, zephyrs, marzipan, fudge and nuts and berries in chocolate. Unforgettable taste and the highest quality. Your taste buds will be super happy!


#8 PLŪKT tea


You say - organic herbal tea, we say - PLŪKT tea! PLŪKT is a brand of premium Nordic herbal teas which do not contain caffeine and tannins – a Northern European alternative for black and green tea. One of the company’s innovations is eco-friendly tea bags, that can be composted within 30-60 days, thus reducing pollution. Enjoy PLŪKT tea - it is a modern and healthy everyday ritual!


#9 STENDERS Cosmetics

STENDERS Cosmetics

STENDERS see the world from the Nordic perspective and are experts of “me-time”. Colourful and fragrant products are giving the chance to reconnect with yourself. These products are nature-inspired and ready to be a part of your daily routine.


#10 Brum Brum bikes

Brum brum bike

Brum Brum bike is a balance bike for kids! Clean and health-protecting design, lightweight and cool looking this bike also grows with the kid. The frame is made of high-quality Latvian birch plywood. Latvia might be small but we have a massive knowledge of woodwork here.


#11 Bio2You


This is an organic cosmetics brand, which manufactures body care, skin care and oral care products. The key ingredient in the products is the sea buckthorn - many call it a wonder plant as it contains high vitamins and antioxidants.


#12 Vegan Fox

Vegan Fox

This is a family-owned company, established to support animal and nature-friendly living. 100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Paraben Free Skincare. Products are handmade as it makes it all more personal. Expand your organic skincare horizons!


#13 Divine Tea

Divine Tea

Natural, healthy and tasty tea drinks. Ingredients are natural and carefully picked teas and berries and tea drinks are manufactured using a method that we all use to create our own tea at home. Drinks are made for people who like to live clean, to whom health is an important aspect of life and who appreciate the fine taste and being nature friendly. Just try it and taste for yourself.


#14 NelleUlla Chocolate

NelleUlla Chocolate

Short version - sweets from the Nordic forests. To be more specific, NelleUlla is a premium chocolate producer creating handmade chocolate treats rich in taste, colour, texture and aromas. Wild beauty and fantastic flavour combinations!




TOOCHE creates shoes and bags that are already shipped to and worn in 20 countries worldwide. Unique and beautiful sustainable footwear, where the main material is natural merino wool (for bags also). Handcrafted to the detail TOOCHE shoes and bags will serve you well.


Get to know Latvian products, feel the vibe of our country and when possible, Latvia will be waiting for you to visit!

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