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Long-distance hiking trails

Many enjoy longer or shorter hikes, especially in the summer. Various types of hiking trails are becoming more and more popular and sought-after; moreover, not only short spans for leisurely walks, but also multi-day hikes comprising hundreds of kilometres and several thousand steps to be walked are in high demand. Take a look at these hiking trails in Latvia!

Baltic Coastal Hiking Trail

Baltic Coastal Hiking Trail

If you enjoy walking by the sea, this route is for you! The Baltic Coastal Hiking trail is a long distance hiking route, part of E9, along the Baltic Sea coast that starts at the Lithuanian-Latvian border in the village of Nida in Latvia and finishes at the port of Tallinn in Estonia. The total length of the route is 1200 km, of which 580 km are in the territory of Latvia and 620 km in the territory of Estonia.The route can be taken in both directions - Tallinn may be a starting point as well.The Baltic Coastal Hiking Trail consists of 60 separate sections of single-day hikes.Each day is planned as a separate and independent route.

By connecting the single-day routes, you can make a multi-day route. In the territory of Latvia, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Trail mainly leads along sandy beaches; in some places there are rocky beaches, and in short sections, it leads through coastal meadows. Let's rediscover Latvian nature!


The Forest Trail

The Forest Trail

The Forest Trail takes you out of the hustle and bustle of the city to a peaceful place, where you can be alone, inhale the refreshing air of the pine forest, relax in the sun-heated moss, and think about nothing. The Forest Trail is a long-distance hiking route that starts in Riga, finishes in Tallinn, and leads through the most forested lands in both countries, including three national parks.The total length of the Forest Trail is approximately 1060 km. It is divided into 50 single-day trail sections, and each section is approximately 20 km long. You can choose any section for the hike. Different trail sections have different degrees of difficulty, so everyone can choose the distance best suited for them. The Forest Trail is a part of the European long-distance hiking route E11.



1836 pārgājiens

In honour of the centenary of Latvia, a unifying 1,836-kilometre-long tourist route around Latvia was created, which can be bypassed (foot or vehicle) or flown around. We have beautiful nature, river valleys, shell beaches, pine forests, and golden ear fields. We have large oak trees, ancient valleys, mythical hills, and caves. 1836 is the road that takes you around Latvia. Get to know Latvia and its smallest and largest corners; meet local people and discover Latvia!


Camino Latvia

Camino Latvija

Camino de Santiago is one of the greatest pilgrimage routes in the world. The destination of this road is the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, located in the northern part of Spain. Overall, the route in Latvia is approximately 300 km long. It starts in Valka and continues through Valmiera, Cēsis, and Sigulda. It leads through Carnikava, Riga, and Kalnciems, then turns into Līvbērze, Dobele, Augstkalne before concluding in Žagare. It begins in Valka at the Estonian border and consists of 15 stages. The construction of the road is based on the international terms and conditions in cooperation with the Spanish Road Construction Association of Santiago.


Nature Trail Route "Ezertaka" around the Lakes of Latgale

Latgales ezeri

The approximate length of the trail is 1070 km. Each hiker will be able to adjust the distances according to his or her abilities and interests. The trail stretches across the entire Latgale region, forming the shape of a sideways eight, the infinity sign. It is planned to include at least one lake in each hiking day.


If the above-mentioned hiking routes seem too long and you want to start with something a little easier, then here are some more ideas for where you can hike to explore Latvia’s nature and wildlife! You can plan the distance, duration, stops, and places of interest along the route. Have a beautiful hike around Latvia!

Hike through the Ancient Valley of the Abava River

Abavas senleja

The route continues along both banks of the Ancient Valley of Abava, which due to its beauty has long been called "The Switzerland of Courland". It includes both beautiful sights and interesting natural and cultural monuments. The route along the Ancient Valley of Abava is approximately 100 km long. The basic idea of the route is to travel by car between the most important sights, but to get out and walk at the places of interest, e.g., the historical centres of Kandava and Sabile. Depending on the speed of walking, it may take a day or more to leisurely explore the ancient valley and see the landmarks. The route can be taken all year round - you cannot miss the most beautiful and scenic places in the Ancient Valley of Abava!


Borderland Sightseeing Tower Tour

Alūksnes skatu tornis

Already in the early days of the Latvian state, the Alūksne region was included among the exemplary routes of Latvia. The area was nicknamed "The Switzerland of Maliena". Today, you can walk around the northern part of Latvia, challenging yourself in the special scenic places of Alūksne region and the borderland! The total length of the tour is over 100 km; however, you can create an interesting route yourself by planning to visit all or only part of the towers and other stops.


Along the Rocky Seashore of Vidzeme

Vidzemes pludmale

The Rocky Seashore of Vidzeme is quite a popular place to visit for a walk and to refresh your mind. The route is intended for active tourists who are not afraid of the most rocky section of the Latvian coast with peculiar seaside landscapes – capes and clear, sandstone cliffs. This is a great place to start your homeland tour. The length of the route is approximately 19 km; it starts in Vitrupe and ends in Tūja.

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