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Museums in Riga

Looking for some cultural activity in Riga? One of your options is to visit a museum!

Here is a list of some museums worth visiting if you are in Riga.

Latvian National Museum of Art

With its considerable art collection, you can spend several hours here looking at and studying various works. The museum was reopened after a modernizing, extensive reconstruction, which yet preserved the majesty of the historic building.


Zuzeum Art Centre

A place for enjoying both a leisurely cup of coffee and magnificent works of art. After undergoing a transformation in the first half of 2020,Zuzeum now invites everyone to experience art in two exhibition halls with a total area of 1,100 square metres, a sculpture garden, a cafe, and a roof terrace.


Latvian National Museum of History

Kultūrvēsturiskās liecības ik uz soļa atrodamas šajā muzejā - vairāk nekā miljons krājuma vienību, unikālas arheoloģijas, etnogrāfijas, numismātikas, vēstures un mākslas priekšmetu kolekcijas. Pamatekspozīcijā vari noķert Latvijas vēsturi no vissenākajiem laikiem līdz mūsdienām.


Riga Motor Museum

Riga Motor Museum surprises not only with its variety of exhibits, but also with the originality of its exhibited vehicles and the quality of their restoration! The museum has a permanent exposition dedicated to the history of antique cars, motorcycles, and bicycles in Latvia and the world.


“Riga Bourse” Art Museum

The Art Museum “Riga Bourse” holds the largest collection of foreign art in the Baltics, the collection of which was started by councillors, merchants and burgomasters of Riga in the 19th century. The museum showcases five permanent exhibitions. Not only is the inside of the museum amazing, but also the outside – the Riga Bourse building is an architectural monument of national significance.


Latvian National Museum of Natural History

Nature in the heart of the city – come and see! This is why visitors are so enchanted with the Latvian National Museum of Nature, which can only be described as an oasis of nature in the middle of civilisation, in the very centre of the capital city, Riga. You would not run out of things to see and do here, even if you were to stay for days - so plan ahead!

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