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Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the most popular medical tourism services in Latvia due to its high levels of quality and its low prices.

Its founder and head, Jānis Ģīlis MD, is the only representative of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in the Baltic countries. Every day the clinic carries out low-level invasive and large-scale plastic surgeries for the body. Today, the available methods of plastic surgery offer a wide range of low-level invasive surgeries for the restoration of the face and décolleté. In the majority of cases, patients do not spend more than twenty-four hours in the clinic.

The most highly-demanded surgeries are those involving breast augmentation and shape correction with implants. This clinic is the only one in the Baltic countries which carries out corrects on the shape of the breast and the body using the patient’s own fatty tissues, which are enriched by the patient’s stem cells. Other services that are in demand include facial surgery (for eyelids, ear shapes, nose correction, face and neck skin cosmetic corrections, beauty injections, the Silhouette Lift suture method, and fatty tissue laser lypolysis), body surgery (leg shape correction, bottom sculpting, and abdominoplasty), scar corrections, and genital surgery.

The clinic has extensive experience in working with male patients who wish to resolve various potency and infertility problems and other related areas of concern: such as the removal of inborn genital developmental disorders, pathological deformations that have been caused by disease, corrections to the shape and size of the genitals, implanting artificial organs, restoring blood circulation with microsurgery, treating erectile dysfunction and general infertility problems, and also carrying out sterilisation operations.

The private clinic, The Zaržeckis Private Practice, was established by one of the leading Latvian plastic surgeons, Jānis Zaržeckis MD, a surgeon with 26 years of experience in plastic, reconstructive and hand surgery who also heads the clinic. The clinic has everything that could be required for a patient’s comfort and maximum beneficial results, including state-of-the-art medical equipment, perfect medical personnel, and exceptional service quality. If you want to change, reconstruct or improve your appearance, in terms of correcting features, breasts, and other organ shapes, this is where you will receive the highest levels of service, along with implicit discretion. Apart from breast and facial surgery, Ādaži Private Hospital, which is headed by Dr. Zaržeckis and Dr. Krūmiņš, also offers women lip correction, and cosmetic surgery which includes scar correction and the removal of birthmarks.

The facial improvement services that are provided in Dr. Feldmanis’ private clinic includes plastics for upper and lower eyelids, nose plastics and ear plastics, and also face lifts. Other services on offer include breast plastic surgery, plastics for the front abdominal wall, liposuction, and plastic surgery for scars. To ensure better results and rehabilitation, the clinic also offers Med SPA services.

Reconstructive surgery

The widest range of lasers (Fraxel and Lumenis fractional lasers are also available) and IPL equipment are offered by Health Centre 4, which is where all of the latest generation of technological advances and highly-qualified professionals are available. Solutions for all types of aesthetic problems are available, including benign and malignant skin formations, vessel formations, enlarged capillaries, pigmentation spots, inflammatious eruptions, the removal of scar tissues and tattoos, photorejuvenation (the elimination of age-related skin problems), the restoration of skin colour and elasticity, and also the removal of fine wrinkles, which will help you to look young and beautiful for many years to come.

The Microsurgery Centre has become well known with the public for its work in the area of reconstructive microsurgery. The centre uses only evidence-based treatment methods. Patients choose the Microsurgery Centre because they appreciate the high levels of quality that it offers in all of its work and also its excellent safety standards, plus good service levels and reasonable prices for those services. Patients are offered correctional work on body and facial contours using various types of injections.

Patients who have suffered the traumatic amputation of body parts, damage to peripheral nerves, or defects in soft tissues and bones, can have the appearance and function of damaged body parts restored to them, allowing these patients to return to active life. Women who had oncological breast surgery are offered breast reconstruction work, allowing them to feel whole again and to improve their quality of life.

Doctors at the Microsurgery Centre’s Hand Clinic carry out all types of hand surgery. Patients who have crooked, deformed or numb fingers, inborn hand diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, or who have suffered traumatic damage to bone tendons can undergo procedures to resolve these problems. The centre’s leading surgeons are internationally recognised specialists in their area, having been trained in the leading clinics in the US, Singapore, Norway, Germany and Austria. The Microsurgery Centre specialises in aesthetic surgery, carrying out plastic surgery for the face, breast and body, as well as providing liposuction surgery.

The Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine which is run by Eduards Jurševičs MD offers to restore mammary glands after mastectomies, repair scar surgery, and carry out abdominoplasty work.

Service providers: 
Our outpatient clinic uses the latest generation varicose vein laser – Biolitec ELVeS Painless 1470 nm.
AIWA Clinic – a private multi-surgical and diagnostic clinic in Riga, is a new enterprise of the biggest private outpatient medical chain in Latvia, with 5 years’ experience Veselības Centru Apvienība.
The Latvian American Eye Centre (LAAC) is the first and unique model of a private eye clinic in the Baltic States.
Aesthetic and general dentistry, prosthetics, implantation and dental implants, dentistry under general anaesthesia, oral surgery, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontology, hygiene, teeth whitening, dentistry for children.
Rubenhair Hair and Eyebrow Transplantation Clinic - Hair and eyebrow transplantation, hair treatment, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections in face and head, dermatology, laser procedures: waxing, face beauty.
The Diamed Clinic is a private hospital operating in neurosurgery, plastic surgery and orthopaedics.
The Microsurgery Centre is Latvia’s leading plastic and reconstructive surgery clinic.
The Microsurgery center is one of the leading and largest centers of plastic surgery in the Baltic countries.
The Baltic Vein Clinic (BVC) of Health Centre 4 is the largest and most experienced health care establishment in Latvia and the Baltic States.
The Dermatology and Surgery Clinic (DSC) is the largest and most advanced centre of its kind in Latvia.
Dr. med. Janis Gilis Private Clinic, founded in 1992, has a strong and leading position in the Baltic countries medical field.
SIA Veselības centrs 4 (Health Centre 4 or HC4) is currently one of the largest and most advanced multi profile private health care clinic in Latvia, with modern equipment and unique technologies in many fields.
The first premium-class medical institution in Latvia.
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