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Wind sports

Use the spacious coast of the Baltic Sea, as well as the many lakes in Latvia, and engage in wind sports. Join our windsurfing enthusiasts in Riga, try kiteboarding at Liepāja beach, or become one with the wind and water while sailing in the Gulf of Riga.

In Latvia, wind sports include also wind hunting, because it is comparatively volatile and blows in all directions regardless of the season. Fans of wind sports thus begin the day by precisely determining the wind prognosis at some of the specialised portals, such as, becoming experts of weather watching.

At the western coast of Latvia that stretches from Kolka to Liepāja, the wind for engaging in sports is appropriate more often than in the Gulf of Riga.

However, the wind speed in Latvia is appropriate for beginners in windsurfing or kiteboarding. The average wind speed in Latvia is below 5 meters per second. Also, wind gusts rarely exceed 15 meters per second.

Places appropriate for windsurfing in Latvia

Several windsurfing clubs where you can rent the equipment and learn the basics of windsurfing while accompanied by the instructor are located next to Ķīšezers Lake in Riga, where fans of wind sports from the capital city meet.

In the northern part of Latvia, favoured places in Vidzeme for windsurfing are the Daugava River next to Ikšķile, Burtnieki Lake, Alūksnes Lake, Ineša Lake, as well as Ungura Lake.

In the eastern part of Latvia, in Latgale, places appropriate for windsurfing are Sīvera Lake and Rāznas Lake, but in the western region, in Kurzeme, windsurfing enthusiasts rush to Usmas Lake.

Places suitable for kiteboarding in Latvia

The varying coastline of Latvia makes kiteboarding possible in any wind direction, because you can always find a beach where the wind blows towards the shore.

In case of weak or average-strength winds, kiteboarding is very popular at the following beaches in the Gulf of Riga:

  • Bērzciems,
  • Pumpuri beach in Jūrmala,
  • Vakarbuļļi beach,
  • Vecāķi,
  • Lilaste,
  • Saulkrasti,
  • Ķīšezers.

During stronger winds most experienced kiteboarders go wave hunting on the western coast, where the most popular places are Liepāja’s Karaosta and Pāvilosta.

Even the most experienced sportsmen must be careful when kiteboarding at Cape Kolka. It is the farthest cape that extends north into the sea, where the currents of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga meet.

A very interesting way to enjoy the Latvian nature and sea are kiteboard down-wind rides, which allow you to see the wild beaches that people rarely reach on foot.

Yacht sailing

Almost all Latvian ports have a marina – at Liepāja, Pāvilosta, Ventspils, Roja, Mērsrags, Engure, Sloka, Lielupe, Priedaine, Skulte, Salacgrīva, Ainaži, as well as at Riga quays at Ķīpsala, Āgenskalns and Andrejosta.

Marinas can be found also in the inland waters of Latvia – in the Lielupe River at Jelgava, in the Daugava River at Lielvārde, in Usmas Lake and in Rāznas Lake.

Many marinas also house yacht clubs, where one can not only rent a sailboat along with its captain for trips in the Latvian waters, but also learn the art of sailing.

More information about harbours and sailing in Latvia!

Choose your sports and dive into the wind!

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