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Liepāja among the best beaches of Europe


This has been said by the popular travel website Skyscanner, and we can definitely join this opinion here in Latvia.

Skyscanner writes, though, that the locals keep their pearl deeply hidden and do not want foreigners to find out about it. This is not true. Liepāja is a very hospitable town with a beach so wide that many and more sunbathing fans will find a place for them.

Liepāja seashore sand is especially white and soft as silk. This beach, where the sun shines more often than anywhere else in Latvia, is washed by the so-called big sea instead of the Gulf of Riga. Swimming here is especially refreshing, and the sea does not hold back its power of the mightiest force of nature.

The sea changes depending on the season, and it is never boring. After a storm, may Liepāja residents go for a walk along the beach and look for amber in the seaweed washed up the shore. 

Do not believe Skyscanner that the locals do not want to show their town to foreigners. Liepāja is not only a sea-town, it is also a very green town bringing pleasant feelings to everyone. Liepāja has installed convenient cycling lines, and the town infrastructure follows requirements of the universal design. Namely, the town takes special care of people in wheelchairs so that they can easily get to every location and enjoy bathing as everyone else. Likewise, the town welcomes everyone with special needs. For example, tactile maps provide information for visually impaired people in a perceptible manner.

Liepāja has a long history of health resorts. It has been known as bathing and treatment centre since the 18th century. While times change, also the town features evolve, but the sea and the sun keep bringing joy as ever, and the town's tourism offer has become most varied and rich to satisfy wishes of the most demanding travellers.

Liepāja with its regular music festivals has traditionally been known as the city of music. Since last autumn, when new concert hall Lielais dzintars was opened with a significant architectural value, Liepāja has profoundly strengthened its name among music lovers.

Liepāja is a very interesting and original town in its diversity. A large part of the town has been constructed during economic prosperity at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, and an immense role has been played in establishing the unique image by the town's chief architect Pauls Makss Berči (Paul Max Bertschy).

There is much to tell about Liepāja and its beach, but it would be exaggerated to say that it is the only shiny pearl at the Baltic Sea. Such a statement would be unfair towards other fantastic places in our country.  

Every holiday-maker will find the most pleasing beach to their taste along the sea shore of more than 500 kilometres. It could be either our popular seaside resort city Jūrmala, Pāvilosta favoured by windsurfers, fabulous Ovīši, Saulkrasti with lots of sun, or any other excellent beach.