The three-kilometer Seaside Park, one of the largest wooded parks in Latvia, and the Blue Flag beach, are the pride of Liepāja.

What to see in the park:

  • 170 local and imported species of trees
  • Monument to fishermen and sailors who died at sea
  • Ghost Tree – a memorial to legendary Līvi rock band
  • Art Nouveau fountain
  • Swan pond

Have a good time with family and friends:

  • Walk, jog or breathe the brisk air
  • Spend time with kids in the playground
  • Discover or hone your talents at a cutting edge skate park
  • Play mini-golf or tennis
  • Jump on a trampoline or drive a go-kart in summer season
  • Sunbathe on the beach, swim and look for pieces of amber
  • Dine on the beach or a café in the park

Park greenery

The park has been designed in a landscape style, using elements of geometric garden designs like alleys, cut hedges, geometric flower beds, small architectural forms and fountains, blending natural greenery with architecture. Exotic trees, shrubs and caulescent plants have been widely introduced in the park. As many as 173 species of trees were recorded during the last plant audit.

Liepāja Blue Flag beach

The first beach in Latvia that sought to pay attention to the needs of people with vision impairment and physical disabilities, Liepāja Blue Flag beach has been equipped with audio buoys and a specially-designed sanitary facility.

In fair weather, the beach is about 50-80 meters wide and its length - about 8 kilometers. The Blue Flag is hoisted at Liepāja beach at the beginning of each summer season since 2001, asserting compliance with 33 quality criteria for water, seacoast, security and services, as well as the availability of environmental education and information.

Liepāja beach has been a popular resort since the 1860s when the Russian czar, his family members and courtiers, started frequenting the seaside city. The beach has sparkling white fine sand, admired even by those who have visited some of the world’s most famous resorts. Pieces of amber, washed ashore along with algae and seashells, can be found on the beach after storms.

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Jūrmalas parks, Liepāja
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Jūrmalas parks, Liepāja