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Make sure to taste Latvian grey peas!


Our tasty legumes have been entered into the register of EU national products.

To a stranger, they may not look like much – they are dark grey in colour, and shaped like any other peas. To Latvians, however, grey peas have always been in high regard – these healthy legumes were not just a staple, they were certain to be on the table on any festive occasion. Especially so in the autumn – when peas have just been harvested, dried, and put in linen bags, but also in winter. 

Winter solstice is unimaginable without grey peas, as mentioned in many folksongs. In Latvian folklore, a pea symbolises wealth and vitality.

This autumn, we have received good news – our grey peas have been registered as Protected Designation of Origin of the European Union. The list currently includes over 60 traditional food products. Of these, four are from Latvia – sklandrausis (a special rye dough tart filled with carrot/potato mash), Latvian rye bread and Carnikava lamprey. Now grabbing the spotlight - our grey peas.   

Grey peas are delicious. They are boiled and eaten separately or mixed with bacon bits and onions, or added to potato dumplings, nourishing soups and purees. The meal will be tasty and hearty, it will provide energy, give you strength and make one warm - regardless of whether it is summer or the coldest time of winter.

Only such food products of the EU member states may vie for the title of the Protected Designation of Origin that are traditionally used in a given area and the recipes of which are known to have been passed on from one generation to the other for at least 25 years. The brand makes consumers in the entire EU notice the particular product, as it signifies that the product is traditional in just one region of the EU.