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Visit Baltic Manors campaign launched


From 24th May to 16th September, 131 historic manor houses and castles in the three Baltic States will open their doors to visitors. The associations of castles and manors in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have joined forces to honour the idea of the Baltic Way.

The campaign aims to give visitors the chance to delve into the history of the castles and manors, to spot similarities and differences, and appreciate the work that has gone into preserving these architectural masterpieces.

The organisers of the campaign explain: “Nowadays, the challenge is finding a way to turn the castles and manors into a driving force of the rural economy and culture scene in a heavily urbanised society. This can be done by transforming them into exciting museums, design hotels, contemporary education and culture centres, and ambassadors of the local culinary heritage.

A humble key is the chosen symbol of the campaign, meant to represent the way in which manors and hotels encourage new discoveries in our cultural heritage. Visitors are invited to collect key-shaped stickers or stamps in the dedicated campaign pamphlet. Anyone who has collected at least five stamps in their home country and ten abroad will qualify for the prize draw.

Participating in the campaign are both fully renovated architectural gems and ruins. The different architectural styles reflect on the different times when they were built, the ideas and know-how of that particular era, as well as the wealth and taste of their owners.  

The nobility had close ties to royals therefore visitors will be able to listen to a wealth of stories about the members of royal families who spent time at the manors and castles.

The campaign is dedicated to the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

Participating Manors from Latvia: Abgunstes muiža, Alūksnes Jaunā pils, Arendoles muiža, Berķenes muiža, Bīriņu pils, Blankenfeldes muiža, Cesvaines pils, Cēsu pils komplekss, Dikļu pils, Dundagas pils, Durbes pils, Elejas muižas Tējas namiņš, Gārsenes muiža, Igates pils, Jaunauces muiža, Jaunmoku pils, Jaunpils pils, Kārļa muiža, Kokmuižas pils komplekss, Krāslavas muiža, Krimuldas muiža, Krustpils pils, Lielplatones muiža, Lielvircavas muiža, Limbažu pilsmuiža, Litenes muiža, Lizuma muiža,
Lūznavas muiža, Mālpils pilsmuiža, Mežotnes pils, Padures muiža, Preiļu muižas komplekss un parks, Rankas muiža, Skrundas muiža, Smuku muiža, Šlokenbekas muiža, Tukuma pilsētas vēstures muzejs “Pils tornis”, Turaidas pils un pilsmuiža, Ungurmuiža, Vadakstes muiža, Varakļānu pils, Vecauces pils, Veselavas muiža, Virkas muiža, Zaļā (Zaļenieku) muiža, all together 45.

For more information, visit the official campaign website at

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