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”Daugavas Loki” Nature Park

”Daugavas Loki” (the Bends of the Daugava River) has been established in the valley of the Daugava River between Kraslava and Naujene to preserve the unique landscape, biological diversity of plants and animals as well as cultural and historical monuments in the midstream valley of the Daugava.

The nature park comprises eight 4-6 kilometers long scenic bends or meanders of the Daugava River, believed to be the most ancient formations of the Daugava Valley in Latvia where the river has maintained its natural course. These bends are part of the Augsdaugava protected landscape area which was declared a NATURA 2000 site in 2004 and included in the national list of the UNESCO World Heritage in 2011.

Active leisure

Ride a bicycle

Take the 35 kilometers long cycling route and follow all the river bends from Naujene to Kraslava! You will not get lost because there are direction signs all along the route.

Go boating on the Daugava

Go for a scenic boat ride to see the castle mounds and the Daugava Valley, enjoying the changing flow of the river where rapids alternate with calm stretches, pass through the narrows called the Daugava Gates and get a glimpse of what Latvia’s largest river was like before three hydro power plants were built at its lower reaches.

A leisurely boat ride tracing all the bends will take two days. There are tent campsites, guest houses and campgrounds where you can spend the night.

Walk on nature trails

Adamova Nature Trail

The 1.8 kilometers long Adamova Nature Trail will take you through gullies to the Adamova Castle Mound on the bank of the Daugava River. At the beginning of the trail there is a scenic outlook, offering a view of Kraslava and the river bends, as well as picnic areas for lunch breaks.

Markova Educational Trail and Castle Mound

The scenic Markova Eductional Trail, less than 2 kilometers long, will provide you with the information about natural diversity and cultural and historical monuments in the Daugava Valley. From atop the Markova Castle Mound, you will be able to gaze at the Slutiski village of Old Believers and the Daugava Valley.

Gnat Trail of Klajumi Stables

The 400-meter long Odu taka (Gnat Trail) operated by the Klajumi Stables will show you some forest and swamp scenes with wild flowers like bog arum and cow-wheat, wild bees, ”the forest concert hall” and peculiar-looking conjoined trees.

Visit cultural and historical monuments:

  • Catholic church in Juzufova, the Russian Orthodox church in Kaplava, the Catholic church in Jaunborne, the Lutheran church in Sikele, the Catholic church in Sprukti and other churches,
  • Vecpils Castle mound and the Dinaburga Castle ruins on the very bank of the Daugava River where a scale model of the castle has been built,
  • the Slutiski village of the Old Believers notable for the wooden architecture of the Slavic people and one of the local households where you will learn about the lifestyle and traditions of the Old Believers,
  • the village of Lielie Mulki (Great Fools).

Climb to higher ground and enjoy the scenery of the Daugava River bends

  • from the 32 meters high Priedaine observation tower,
  • from the Vasargeliski observation tower which will afford you the glorious view on the Rozaliski Bend exactly as it appears on the 10-lats banknote.
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