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"Daugavas Loki" Nature Park

”Daugavas Loki” (the Bends of the Daugava River) has been established in the valley of the Daugava River between Kraslava and Naujene to preserve the unique landscape, biological diversity of plants and animals as well as cultural and historical monuments in the midstream valley of the Daugava.

The nature park comprises eight 4-6 kilometers long scenic bends or meanders of the Daugava River, believed to be the most ancient formations of the Daugava Valley in Latvia where the river has maintained its natural course. These bends are part of the Augsdaugava protected landscape area which was declared a NATURA 2000 site in 2004 and included in the national list of the UNESCO World Heritage in 2011!

Slutiski ravine trail - an interesting walking route is located in the very picturesque territory of the nature park “Daugavas loki”.

The Slutiski ravine trail connects Slutiski scarp and Slutiski courtyard.

The Slutiski ravine trail is more suitable for physically active people. You can walk this trail by choosing two different levels of difficulty. The most difficult route leads through ravines, so you will have to climb stairs up and down, crossing the small wooden bridges over the ravines. During the whole walk, the magic of the Daugava river is clearly visible, you can enjoy the fresh forest air, listen to birdsongs and delight your eyes with wide landscape views. The easiest route leads along the bank of the Daugava river, and following this route, you will have to cross fewer stairs. After following the trail, you can get to the Slutiski village and the camping “Daugavas lokos”.


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