”Daugavas Loki” (the Bends of the Daugava River) has been established in the valley of the Daugava River between Kraslava and Naujene to preserve the unique landscape, biological diversity of plants and animals as well as cultural and historical monuments in the midstream valley of the Daugava.

The nature park comprises eight 4-6 kilometers long scenic bends or meanders of the Daugava River, believed to be the most ancient formations of the Daugava Valley in Latvia where the river has maintained its natural course. These bends are part of the Augsdaugava protected landscape area which was declared a NATURA 2000 site in 2004 and included in the national list of the UNESCO World Heritage in 2011!

Objects to visit while in nature park:

  • Vasargelišķi Sightseeing Tower - ascending the 21 m high sightseeing tower the visitors may enjoy beautiful sceneries and picturesque meanders of the River Daugava from a bird’s-eye view. On the left Rozališķi meander can be seen in all its glory but on the right – a view that was depicted on the 10 lat bill.
  • Priedaine Sightseeing Tower - the observation tower in Priedaine is one of the tallest wooden observation towers in Latvia with a height of 32 meters. Climbing the observation tower, you will find yourself above the forests, Krāslava’s wooden houses, and spires of churches located on the territory of the “Daugavas Loki”. In addition, it is surrounded by protected natural territory “Augšdaugava”. At the foot of the tower, a recreation place is equipped.
  • Slutišķi Old Believers’ Village - the only Old Believers’ Museum of the cultural and historical heritage of Latvia, which is located in the authentic populated village. Slutišķi village reflects the traditional construction patterns of peasant housing. The village accommodates the Slutišķi Old Believers’ House – an open-air ethnographic section of the Naujene Museum of Regional History.
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