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Deer Park Mežsētas

A fenced-in area of 200 hectares with more than 300 species of deers from England, Hungary, Poland and other countries. Come to see them and try to feed from your own hand.

About the park

The owners intend to further expand new enclosures as  for the deer and to develop hunting business. Summer grazing grounds is a must for breeding pedigree animals and for cultivating a pure-breed herd. With the deers here also lives about 15 wild boars.

In the territory are also:

  • 15 watchtowers;
  • gazebo for picnics.

​Families, tourists and students are welcome. You can also buy different souveniers here.

Rugāji district, Rugāji parish, Silenieki, LV-4570
+ 371 29104212
Languages Spoken: 
Admission Fee: 

Children, pensioners - Ls 1.00

Children of pre-school age - Ls 0.50

Tourism Object Features: 
Cash only
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