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Dundaga Castle

Dundaga Castle, built in the 13th century, is now a venue for thematic exhibitions, presentations of local cuisine samples. It also offers tours, comfortable lodgings, and the opportunity to explore the castle and the environs.

Dundaga Castle is the largest castle in Northern Kurzeme. Although the castle has been modernised through the reconstruction projects, it still possesses the features of a fortified manor, as evidenced by its gate tower and courtyard.

What to see at Dundaga Castle:

  • exhibition about the former owners of the castle;
  • exhibition about various periods in the construction of the castle;
  • exposition Crocodile Nest about the popular crocodile hunter Arvids Blumentals;
  • the only permanent exhibition of medals in Latvia.

Legend about Green Maiden

There are several legends associated with Dundaga Castle.

According to one, a dwarf king was celebrating his wedding at Dundaga Castle, but the ceremony was accidentally disrupted by a sister of the baroness, who was immured in one of the walls of the castle as a punishment. She was known as Green Maiden (Zaļā jumprava), and still appears at the castle to this day.

What to see in the vicinity of the castle:

  • Kalnadarzs (Hill Garden) on a small island near the castle;
  • Dundaga Park - home to 48 different tree species, including several mighty centuries-old trees;
  • Crocodile – a commemorative sign paying homage to strong men of Kurzeme;
  • Dundaga Evangelical Lutheran Church;
  • Dakterleja – the river valley which is famous for a therapeutic spring.
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