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Riga Zoo

Visit wild animals, forget about the everyday hustle and bustle, and enjoy an adventure at the Riga Zoo which has been home to wild animals from all over the world for more than 100 years.

More than 400 species of wild animals live in one of the most beautiful locations in Riga – Mezaparks – on the shores of Lake Kisezers under grand pine trees. This is a place where one can admire the color and shapes of wild animals, their behavior, as well cuddle and pet inhabitants of a traditional Latvian farmstead at the petting zoo. In addition to buildings that have been constructed in earlier times, the Zoo is also proud of its contemporary animal enclosures – the Giraffe House, the Tropical House, the Rural Farmstead, the Tiger House and other enclosures.

Get acquainted with inhabitants of the Zoo!

  • Check out the dexterity of Turkmen Markhors and Bukhara Urials,
  • Watch the Galapagos Tortoise dwelling together with ring-tailed lemurs in the winter,
  • Surprise yourself, visiting the magnificent Tropical House,
  • Marvel at carnivores – the Amur Tigers, the Mackenzie Wolves, the Arctic Foxes and others,
  • Watch the diligent Leafcutter Ants in action,
  • Visit the biggest marsupial – the Red Kangaroo,
  • Enjoy the tricks demonstrated by the seal,
  • See many other wild animals

During the summer months, there are daily animal feeding shows, where interesting stories about the Zoo’s are told.

View animal feeding shows and learn:

  • How hippos eat,
  • What the favorite treat for ring-tailed lemurs and reindeer are,
  • How long a giraffe’s tongue is,
  • How wild boars enjoy mud baths

Visit events that have become traditions at Riga Zoo!

  • In January, December – Winter Nights,
  • In February – Tropical Month,
  • In April – Bird Days,
  • In May – Family Days, the Night of History,
  • In June – Bumblebee Days,
  • In August – Striped Days,
  • In October – Animal Days.

Riga Zoo

The Riga National Zoo houses 90 species of wild animals included in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The Zoo participates in 30 European programs for breeding endangered species. Since 1992, the Riga Zoo is also a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria and is among 100 Europe’s best zoos.

When going in the direction of Latvia’s southwestern city of Liepaja, it is worth visiting Riga Zoo branch Ciruli to enjoy the charm of rural tranquility and watch a herd of kiangs. The family trip will benefit from wild animals of 38 species and different domestic animals, including the legendary Latvian Blue Cows and the Romanov Sheep.

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