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Hotel "Benevilla" is located in the center of Aluksne, very close to the beautiful Aluksne lake.

The hotel has six well-appointed rooms for up to 14 people.

In the cafe you can enjoy local fruit ice cream, milk cocktails and lemonade. According to the season, you will be able to buy apples, pears and strawberries grown yourself.

You will also be able to enjoy a variety of fruit cakes, light snacks, or salads and order your specially prepared dinner.

Will be able to read the old (1925-1944) newspapers "Maliena Ziņas".

Alūksne district, Brūža iela 8, Alūksne, LV-4301
+371 61301404
Room count: 
Number of beds: 
57.425678, 27.050195

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