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Berkene manor

Berkene manor is one of the oldest small manors in Zemgale and is located in a picturesque place on the bank of river Svēte. The current manor house was built in 1819 in early classicist style.

Here the present day comes into close contact with the history - you can look into the diary of the manor lord and learn everything about the life in the manor in the late 19th century and hear the stories about the rebirth of the manor in the 21st century.

Harmonious recreation awaits the guests of Berkene manor: accommodation in the house of the manor lord or the newly built residential house.

You can enjoy a variety of activities outdoors and premises for celebrations, seminars or cultural events.

Jelgava district, Vilce parish, Ziedkalne, Berķenes muiža, LV-3026
+ 371 29252565
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56.428888, 23.480077

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