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The cultural and historic heritage of Latvian architecture spans many centuries, from authentic rural homesteads to unique samples of wooden architecture, to luxurious palaces and manors, churches, and impressive Art Nouveau buildings.

There are outstanding architectural gems to be seen not just in the capital city of Riga, but also in towns, villages, and the more remote regions of Latvia. The controversial Soviet legacy in architecture also covers several decades, with striking samples all across the territory of Latvia.

Art Nouveau
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Art Nouveau

The artistic style known as "Nouveau" first appeared at the turn of the century, and certainly was a fresh approach and stunning in its...
Cesis Medieval Castle
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Palaces and Manors in Latvia

Latvia has a number of unique palaces and manors, built during different centuries, that are an important part of the history and...
Academy of Sciences
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Soviet Legacy

The legacy of Soviet architecture is usually considered drab and monotonous, but at the same time it is a historical testimony to the...
Kalnciema Quarter in Agenskalns
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Wooden Architecture

Latvia is proud to have several thousand wooden buildings - from homesteads to family homes to establishments. Today, wooden architecture...
Daugavpils or Dinaburg Fortress
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Military Heritage

Latvia, and especially the areas along the coastline, has accumulated diverse military heritage in the course of  centuries – from the...
Aglona Basilica
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A visit to a church in Latvia is a cultural and historical journey through the centuries, complete with their specific artistic,...
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