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COVID-19 and travelling to Latvia

The Latvian Government has declared a state of emergency in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 i.e. coronavirus epidemic. The situation means special measures, some of which also affect tourism in Latvia.

COVID-19 and travelling to Latvia


Latvia will go into an effective national lockdown on Tuesday, March 17 when it closes its international borders to all organized passenger traffic on land, sea, and air.

It is still possible to travel within the European Union on a private basis, as the right to free movement is enshrined in EU law, though leaving the country is not recommended at the moment. Latvia's external EU border with Russia and Belarus will be shut to both organized public transport and private transport, however.

All public events, meetings, demonstrations, and pickets shall be canceled and banned from 17 March 2020.

Museums, cinemas, night clubs, theatres, Latvian National Opera and Ballet, spas (both as separate units as well as the ones operated within hotels), sport clubs, gyms and children's game rooms will be kept closed in Latvia until April 14th or as long as the Governmental Crisis Committee declares otherwise.

As the situation in the world develops daily, the Latvian authorities monitor the situation and share their information with the World Health Organization (WHO). The most current information is available on the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia’s website in English and Latvian.

In general, the Ministry of Health reminds all travelers that taking care of good hygiene – e.g. careful washing of hands - is a reasonable use of common sense. If you have any questions regarding the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 and your travels, please call Latvian Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) helpline (00 371) 67501590 or (00 371) 67387661 (open 8.30-17.00 working days). In case of emergency call 113.

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