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COVID-19 and travelling to Latvia

The state of emergency in force in Latvia has been extended until February 28.

Before arriving in Latvia everyone must fill in an electronic confirmation form on the website. The certificate must be completed within 48 hours before crossing the border of Latvia. For minors, the form must be completed by the parent/legal representative.

If you can provide a valid digital Covid-19 certificate proving that you are vaccinated against Covid-19 or recovered from it: you don’t need to take the Covid-19 test if you’re returning from the EU, the EEA, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and low-risk third countries. The digital Covid-19 certificate must be issued in the EU Member States, EEA countries, Switzerland or the United Kingdom. If you can't provide a valid digital Covid-19 certificate proving that you are vaccinated against Covid-19 or recovered from it: you need to take a PCR test 72 hours before entering Latvia or an antigen test taken not earlier than 48 hours before entering Latvia.

For entry into Latvia, the term of validity of the vaccination certificate is set at 270 days (9 months) in the case of any vaccine. The conditions for the period of validity of the certificate for entry into Latvia will take effect on February 1, for use in Latvia on February 15.

The latest list of countries, their current travel status, and the necessary epidemiological measures that apply is available here. Self-isolation is required for everyone if they arrive from a very high-risk country.

COVID-19 and travelling to Latvia

  • From January 25, only medical masks or FFP2 or higher-class respirators without valves will be allowed to be used in public places.
  • All services are provided with a Covid-19 certificate of vaccination or recovery, except for basic services like grocery stores, food takeaway, postal services, emergency services, pet stores, gas stations, pharmacies, ticket stands, outdoor markets, public transportation.
  • Shops with an area larger than 1,500 square meters (shopping centers, bigger food stores, etc.) are available only with a Covid-19 certificate.
  • Stores may be open from 6:00 a.m. until 11 p.m., except for essential stores which have no limit of working hours.
  • Indoors it is allowed to meet up to 10 people, while outdoors - 20.
  • Seasonal fairs are allowed in an epidemiologically safe or "green" safety environment, allowing only persons with a Covid-19 certificate to attend.
  • Cultural venues, libraries and exhibitions are open in "green regime" - with a Covid-19 certificate of vaccination or recovery.
  • At the catering places no more than 10 people can sit at the same table (up to 4 adults and 6 kids). For non-vaccinated people only takeaway service is available.
  • As the situation in the world develops daily, the Latvian authorities monitor the situation and share their information with the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Stop Covid” application

COVID-19 in Latvia website

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Information about COVID-19 by the Centre of Disease Prevention and Control of Latvia 

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