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Garden pearls in Latvia

Garden pearls - well-groomed, beautiful gardens and parks full of pleasant smells, which are just waiting for their guests to enjoy peace and beauty. When planning a trip around Latvia, also look at one of the garden!

Ērmaņi Manor

Ērmaņu muiža

Ērmaņi Manor Park is being created as a natural green oasis – a garden for peaceful walks to provide respite from the daily routine. It contains one of the most outstanding Latvian wooden architectural monuments of the early 19th century – a manor house built around 1823.

Park is being created around the historic manor house taking inspiration from the original wilderness by preserving valuable trees and the scenic river bend.In summer, the park’s atmosphere provides a serene backdrop for events at Ērmaņi Manor – concerts, exhibitions, creative workshops, seminars and informal happenings.


Laimonis Zaķis’ Iris Garden

Laimoņa Zaķa īrisu dārzs

The Iris Garden near Kandava is owned by renowned gladiolus and iris breeder Laimonis Zaķis. This garden has the largest collection of bearded irises in Latvia.

The first furrows in the old orchard were dug already in the autumn of 2006 and within three years the vast collection of irises was brought over. The collection is constantly being supplemented by continued breeding and intensive cross-breeding of the newest non-native varieties to create new varieties suitable to the Latvian climate – robust and with rich blossoms. Laimonis Zaķis is currently the owner of the largest collection of bearded irises in Latvia.


"Rozītes" Rose Garden

Dārzs Rozītes

The Rozītes Rose Collection Garden in Sēme parish is the cherished project of Daila and Bruno Trubiņš. Rose breeding is being practiced here for the third generation already. The tradition was started by Daila’s grandfather Pauls Salmiņš, who was once a gardener at Strutele Manor. He trained many gardeners and established his own nursery during the interwar period.

Although much of the family’s contribution has perished since World War II, their love for the earth and flowers has remained. In the nursery, the Trubiņš family breeds, tests and selects only the most beautiful and durable rose varieties for their collection, purchasing new seedlings both at the largest rose nurseries in Europe and from the best Latvian rose growers.


Inara’s Garden

Ināras dārzs

In Salaspils, on the outskirts of Riga, you can visit Ināra Aire’s Garden, which has been created as a natural and picturesque garden for all the senses; for people to draw inspiration and fantasise. Surrounded by a pine forest, it almost blends in with the environment. It isn’t fenced in and some plants freely encroach on the forest, while the forest’s inhabitants like deer, foxes and badgers see Ināra’s Garden as their own and are frequent visitors.

The owner has a long-term project to create an arboreal park here. This ties in with her idea of what she wants her garden to be – a beautiful, natural and slightly “wild” landscape that can be enjoyed in any season.


Latvia’s State Forests Kalsnava Arboretum

Kalsnavas arborētums

The Latvian State Forests (LVM) Kalsnava Arboretum is a unique place – a bright green environment where visitors can learn about and delight in the diversity of woody plants. Non-native woody plants are tested here for their durability in Latvian climate conditions.

Visitors to the LVM Kalsnava Arboretum have the opportunity to witness the beauty of these non-native woody plants, to participate in educational events, as well as receive advice on planning and setting up their own garden.


Lādes Avotiņi exposition of herbs and functional plants

Lādes Avotiņi

An organically farmed, open-air functional exhibition of Latvian medicinal plants and herbs has been created on the shores of Auziņi Lake in the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve – the only one of its kind in the Baltic States.

Guests are invited to get to know more about the “green pharmacy” that is Latvian nature – one of the best features of Lādes Avotiņi is the opportunity to see and feel over 300 varieties of Latvian plants that can be used to improve health and resilience.


Rauna Collection Garden

Raunas dārzā

The Lodziņi Family Garden on the outskirts of Rauna is captivating with its sculptural plants and flowerbeds and its plentiful collections of ornamental shrubs, grasses and perennial plants.

The old trees and flowerbeds have made room for new ones. Only the northern white-cedar, which has been growing here since the house was built, has remained as a tribute to previous generations. The old fruit trees and berry bushes traditionally found at farm houses have been replaced by colourful ornamental plants, and the landscaped garden has become a garden featuring collections of the owners’ favourite plant varieties. The garden currently stretches over 3ha and includes 100 different types of panicled hydrangeas, 70 different mock oranges, 30 ninebarks, 40 types of birches, 220 pine trees and 35 varieties of spruces and firs.


More information about the gardens, their opening hours and entrance fee, as well as several other beautiful gardens in Latvia and Estonia can be found on the website of "Garden Pearls"!

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