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Holiday homes with a hot tub

If you are planning a trip to Latvia, consider staying in one of the holiday homes outside Riga! We have put together a list of suggestions for holiday homes that provide wooden hot tubs. The great thing about hot tubs is that they can be used all year round, and relaxing in one of them during winter is even more special.

These places are located in different regions of Latvia, so find one that is the most suitable and book in advance - these holiday homes get booked out very quickly during any season!

Wishing you the best holiday!

Cerību Liedags

Cerību Liedags - māja ar kublu

Cerību Liedags is located very close to the sea in a pine forest in Mērsrags. This place with a beautiful name makes you feel at ease and calm, in addition to providing comfort. With nature and the sea just a stone's throw away, it is the perfect for a holiday if what you are seeking is tranquillity and sounds of the sea. The hot tub may be reserved for an extra fee!


Kundziņu salas

Kundziņu salas - māja ar kublu

Kundziņu salas is a place for relaxation on the countryside just an hour’s drive from Riga. There you can fish, boat around the pond, build a fire and cook on it, go for a sauna or relax in the hot tub. If you seek adventures, visit the nearby towns of Limbaži and Saulkrasti.




DiDille is a special place in itself, but combined with a hot tub it makes you want to rush there right now! Glamping’s DiDille comfortable and unique domed tents are designed to peacefully enjoy nature all year round, no matter the weather - the Lake dome is located in the lake on a pontoon terrace, while the Birch dome is located on a hill in the birch grove next to the lake. There is a hot tub next to every dome.


The Black A-Frame

Two black cabins ar kublu

This is one of the two holiday homes at the Two Black Cabins - a stylish location on the side of the forest by the River Pēterupe, just 8 kilometres away from Saulkrasti. The surroundings are peaceful and delightful, the front of the house has a terrace to enjoy the sunshine and forest sounds on, and the very same place also has a hot tub that can be rented for an extra fee.


Green Valley holiday homes

Green Valley brīvdienu māja ar kublu

These holiday homes are located near Roja and are just a stroll from the sea. There are several holiday homes on site, the largest of which has an outdoor hot tub. Green Valley holiday homes let you take a breather from the hustle and bustle of the city at any time of the year. Plan a trip to the nearby Roja and Engure!



Empagi māja ar kublu

The Scandinavian-style holiday home Empagi is located in a quiet and secluded area by Lake Lāde, near Limbaži. The house is surrounded by birch trees and right there, on the shore of the lake, there is also a hot tub. There you can relax and enjoy the beautiful nature and tranquillity around you.


Vārves pirtiņa

Vārves pirtiņa ar kublu

Vārves pirtiņa is located in the Ventspils region in a beautiful natural area next to a stream that flows into the River Venta. There is a sauna house on site where you can enjoy sauna rituals, and next to it is a hot tub, as well as a small lodge for 2 persons to spend the night in.



Paisumi namiņš ar kublu

The tasteful holiday home Paisumi is located in Bērzciems - a haven of peace. The bungalow has picture-postcard views of the sea, easy access to the beach, a barbecue and fire pit, as well as a terrace. You may use the hot tub and enjoy seaside life for an extra fee.


Citi Krasti Eco SPA Residence

Citi Krasti Eco SPA

Citi Krasti Eco SPA Residence is located on the banks of the River Gauja, where you can watch sunrises as well as sunsets from the windows of the holiday home. They are just a few metres away from the riverside, surrounded by wilderness. This place offers a romantic stay in double lodges with a terrace, sauna, hot tub and a fabulous surrounding landscape.


Iglu Hut

Iglu Hut namiņš ar kublu

A little time away from city life to relax in nature - that is how Iglu Hut can be summed up. It is an unusual and magnificent glamping site in Milzkalne, surrounded by pine forest. On the side of the forest next to the house there is also a hot tub.

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