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The most beautiful places to enjoy the sunset in Riga and its surroundings

Sunset has always been a magical moment, but watching it is a soothing and harmonious activity that is enjoyed by both young and old. Although it may seem that the red ball falling into the sea is almost the only way to await the night, this magical moment is very beautiful from different angles. Get some ideas for enjoying a different sunset in Riga and its surroundings!

Mangaļsala pier - where the sun falls in the sea

Photo: Viktors Deščenko

Mangaļsala pier or the East pier is located in Riga, and its total length is a little over 2 kilometres. Mangaļsala pier is open to everyone and its end, which stretches into the sea, is a great place to enjoy the sunset - there is a wide view of the Gulf of Riga.


Watching the sunset from the lookout tower of the Great Ķemeri Moor

Photo: Artis Veigurs

The Great Ķemeri Moor is one of the largest moss bogs on the Latvian coast.

Its area is 5000 ha. It is characterized by a labyrinth of elongated lakes or pools, which gives the landscape its special character. A footbridge has been built in the moor, and following its largest circle, which is about 3.4 kilometres long, it is possible to reach the observation tower, which opens a great landscape to the moor. The small lakes of the moor look especially beautiful at sunset, the reflection of which shows all the colours of the sunset.


Andrejsala for the lovers of the urban environment

Andrejsala has become a real urban centre - especially in warm weather, life is bustling, people meet in various cafes, restaurants and clubs, enjoying the special aura of this place. Various contemporary art exhibitions are also organized here, which attract art lovers. However, in the northern part of Andrejsala, behind the “Peldošā darbnīca 659”, it is possible to get to the pier, which opens a view of the Daugava and the panorama of Pardaugava.


Ķīšezers for evening bathing and waiting for the night

Photo: Aleksandrs Kendenkovs

The closest lake to Mežaparks - Ķīšezers - provides a wonderful view from the numerous Mežaparks trails and the beach. However, we recommend sunset lovers to deviate a bit from the asphalted trails, going to the lesser-known, footpaths of Mežaparks, which lead to a hill with a wide view of Ķīšezers. Usually there are very few people here, which will allow you to fully enjoy the romance of the sunset - all you have to do is bring a blanket to lay on and enjoy the view!


“Galerija Riga” roof terrace for sophisticated sunsets

Photo: Ikars Kubliņš

In the centre of Riga there is a supermarket “Galerija Riga”, on the roof terrace of which there are several cafes. Dinner will be especially magical under the rays of the setting sun over the city skyline, as this terrace allows to fully enjoy the sunset experience. In addition, here you can complement it with refreshing drinks and delicious food by choosing one of the cafés or restaurants on the terrace.


Planes aiming at the sun

In Skulte, Skulte street, Mārupe municipality, it is possible to drive to the runways of “Airport Riga”, where there is a great view of the active daily life of the airport. Planes take off and land, we can only guess where their passengers are going. Here you will find the plane-spotting location with a wonderful view of not only the movement of the planes but also beautiful sunsets. A number of embankments have also been built here, which provide a wider view of the airport runways. See the colour of the planes - is the sunset orange or pink today?


Sunset ride

Riga Ship

In the centre of Riga it is possible to rent canoes or participate in specially organized sunset trips by boat along the Daugava River. You can go canoeing along the Riga canal, but you can take a boat from the centre of Riga along the Daugava to Jurmala. If you are looking for a sunset boat trip, be sure to check out these offers: Riga Ship, River Cruise, Atpūtas Kuģis Jūrmala


For lovers of sunset classics

Warm sand, soft waves and entire horizon in all the colours of the setting sun - this is the way to enjoyed the sunset by the sea. To make the evening more complete, we recommend going to Jurmala - Dzintari. A walk along the always lively Jomas iela finishing at the beach lit with all the colours of the setting sun will please every lover of the urban rhythm. For those who want to enjoy nature, Dzintari Forest Park will be more suitable, where even before the sunset it is possible to enjoy various activities - climbing along the cableway at the tops of trees, and riding on roller skates or bicycles.


Sunset over the multi-coloured roofs of Riga

Photo: Nikolay Antonov

The Latvian Academy of Sciences is a 21-floor high office building, which is considered to be the first high-rise building in Riga.  The 65-meter-high observation deck of the Latvian Academy of Sciences offers a breath-taking opportunity to look at the city from above - its seventeenth-floor balcony offers a wonderful view of the Old Town and the Daugava, which looks especially good at sunset. The view from the viewing area of the Latvian Academy of Sciences can be enjoyed every day, but before that - you have to buy an entrance ticket to the Latvian Academy of Sciences. You can get to the viewing area by taking the elevator to the 15th floor of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, and climbing another 2 floors on foot.


Get energy and inspiration while enjoying the most beautiful sunsets! They will not only help you recover from a long working day, but will also allow you to have a great time with your loved ones in nature and getting to know new places in Latvia!

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