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To say that Latvia boasts pristine nature is no exaggeration, which means that many options are available for green tourism - simple walks in the woods, blue lakes, nature parks and adventures in the Latvian bogs. It is all here, enjoy and connect with nature!

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National Parks of Latvia

There are four national parks in Latvia:
Dabas taka pie jūras
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Nature trails

Latvia is a great destination, if you would like to enjoy forests, rivers, swamps and the sea – Latvia is as beautiful as its nature!...
Papes dabas parks
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Best nature parks in Latvia

Wild orchids, quails, wild horses and the great bittern. Find all of these and more at Latvia’s nature parks! Here’s a selection of some of...
Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk
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Bogs worth visiting

If you are looking for an unusual landscape and longing for silence, head to one of Latvia’s bogs. While in some European countries natural...
Rīga Daugava
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The most beautiful places to enjoy the sunset in Riga and its surroundings

Sunset has always been a magical moment, but watching it is a soothing and harmonious activity that is enjoyed by both young and old....
Atpūtas vietas Latvijas dabā
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Places in Latvian nature for some rest & relaxation

With over half of Latvia’s territory covered by forests, it should come as no surprise that Latvia has plenty to offer in terms of nature...
The Baltic Sea coast
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The Baltic Sea coast

The shores of the Baltic Sea in Latvia are almost 500 km long. The Kurzeme coast is washed by mighty waves from the open sea that, up north...
Zilo ezeru zeme Latgale
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Latgale - the Land of Blue Lakes

It is not without reason that Latgale is also called the Land of Blue Lakes, as it boasts more than 1200 lakes, some of which are open,...
10+ brīvdienu galamērķi Gaujas Nacionālajā parkā
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10+ weekend destinations in Gauja National Park

Latvia's largest national park has many beautiful hidden gems, and we have compiled some of the most popular tourist attractions of Gauja...
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