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Vidzeme Shoreline

The shoreline of Vidzeme is characterised by tall sand dunes and sandstone outcrops, as well as rocky beaches and the precious randu or seaside meadows. Vidzeme is a great place to be not just for those who like popular recreation areas, but also those who prefer remote beaches or fishing villages.

Characteristic features of Vidzeme coastline

Rocky beaches

The shoreline of Vidzeme is known for having all varieties of beaches, but it is arguably the most popular for the rocky shoreline that occupies a stretch of 12 kilometres between Tuja and Vitrupe, with beaches 20 to 40 metres wide. It has been designated a conservation area.

Randu meadows

North of Salacgriva, nature lovers will find the randu or seaside meadows. The meadows are known for major biological diversity and are an important bird nesting area.

Special nature trails and a bird-watching tower have been built in the meadows.

Dunes and sandstone outcrops

During a walk along the beaches of Vidzeme, one can see several sandstone outcrops:

  • Lilaste Dune – Over several kilometres long, the dune is up to 20 metres high in some places
  • White Dune – traditionally considered to be one of the most beautiful dunes in all of Latvia. Saulrieta (Sunset) Trail, about 3.5 kilometres long, connects the White Dune and River Peterupe
  • Veczemju Rock – the most impressive and resplendent group of sandstone rocks along the Vidzeme coastline. This is a section of steep coastline up to 6 metres high – red sandstone outcrops stretching for several hundred metres, with all sizes of caves, niches, grottoes and other formations created by abrasion


A beach with all the necessary amenities, from changing cubicles to a lifeguard tower, is available in Saulkrasti. There are cubicles also on other Vidzeme beaches – Carnikava, Salacgriva, Ainazi, and Tuja.

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