The rocky seashore of Vidzeme stretches for 12 kilometers and is between 20 to 40 meters wide. It is located in the Gulf of Riga on the Vidzeme shoreline, and is the only coastal area in Latvia where sandstone outcrops can be found.

Activities by the sea:

  • view the most impressive sandstone cliffs on the Vidzeme coastline - the Veczemji cliffs
  • visit the most distinctive cape on the Gulf of Riga coastline in Vidzeme – Kurmrags, with the ruins of the sea-swept Kurmrags Lighthouse
  • test your abilities by climbing up the Kutkaja boulder in Kutkaja, from where it is possible to see the Veczemji cliffs
  • view the difference between white and red sandstone cliffs at the Zivtini outcrops
  • have a meal and enjoy the peaceful and warm rural farmstead atmosphere at the Rankulrags restaurant!

Sandstone cliffs

The largest outcrops can be found to the south of Veczemji (up to four meters high), as well as between Kapnieki and Silini (up to five meters high).

The boulders located on the sea-shore and several meters into the sea serve as "brakes", lessening the sea’s ability to wash-away the seashore during strong winds and storms, while at the same time creating a bluff. The sandstone in this area was created about 350 to 380 million years ago.

Environmental protection

The Rocky Vidzeme Seashore Nature Reserve is located in Salacgriva Region, and is a part of the Northern Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve. Since 2004, the nature reserve has also been included on the EU’s Natura 2000 network of conservation areas.

Rare and protected biotopes can be found in the protected territory, which cannot be found elsewhere, like, for example, beaches full of boulders and pebbles, coastal sandstone outcrops, dunes, grey dunes and meadows. The rocky seashore territory also holds both typical, as well as rare and protected coastal species – 31 species of protected flora and fauna species.


Limbaži district

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Limbaži district