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Weather in Latvia

Latvia is located in the temperate climate zone and therefore has four pronounced seasons. Travellers visiting Latvia can enjoy a real winter with subzero temperatures and snow, spring floods, warm summers, and colourful autumns.


Winter in Latvia

The winter in Latvia usually lasts from mid-December to the beginning of March. Air temperature can fluctuate from +5 degrees Celsius all the way down to -30 degrees.

Due to its flat terrain, Latvia is a great place for cross-country skiing. Taking in nature while skiing in Latvia is especially interesting on the beaches.

Although there are no high mountains in Latvia, the country has multiple ski slopes where skiers can rent all the skiing equipment they need, as well as hire a skiing coach.

Ice fishing is a popular pastime in Latvia during the winter.

The sea freezes over in particularly cold winters, which results in incredible ice sculptures and pressure ridges. One can go for a walk over the ice, but necessary precautions must be taken.

One more remarkable experience is taking a sauna after spending some time in the cold. During the winter when the weather is cold, sauna going is very popular in Latvia.



Spring in Latvia

In Latvia, the spring may begin already at the end of February or as late as in late April, and the spring season lasts until the beginning of June. The average air temperature in spring is 0 to +15 degrees.

The spring is often accompanied by significant flooding as Latvian rivers overflow. The high water level in the rivers, however, is the best time for boating. The Amata is one of the fastest rivers best suited for boating, while Gauja River is the most popular with boaters.

The spring, and the autumn as well, is a busy time for bird watchers as flocks of migratory birds fly over Latvia. Lagoon-type lakes are among the best vantage points for bird watching:

The spring is the time when lilacs bloom spectacularly. They are best viewed in Dobele, at the garden created by the acclaimed plant breeder Peteris Upitis.



Summer in Latvia

The summer in Latvia starts in June and continues until September. The average air temperature in the summer is around +19 degrees, but on some days it may rise to +30 degrees. The latter half of the summer may bring sudden thunderstorms.

In the summer, use the opportunity to go on a tour of the Baltic Sea shoreline or have a holiday in the Latvian resort city of Jurmala, known for its white sandy beaches.

The summer is also a great time for cycling tourism. In planning your route, you are also recommended to visit the quieter yet architecturally, culturally, and historically remarkable cities and towns:

The summer in Latvia is also a period of festivals and various other events. There is a city or town festival almost every weekend in one or another part of Latvia.



Autumn in Latvia

Autumn in Latvia lasts from September to December. The average air temperature decreases from +10 degrees in September to 0 degrees in November.

Sometimes at the beginning of the autumn, there is an Indian summer when temperatures rise to up to +20 degrees, whereas the first snow may fall already in October or November.

During the golden autumn period, the foliage turns colourful red, orange, and golden across Latvia.

Gauja National Park offers particularly striking views of the colourful treetops in the autumn.

Those who wish to see the diversity of Latvian nature in autumn are welcome at Latvia’s nature parks, for instance, visitors to Kemeri National Park can learn about the unique ecosystem of bogs.

The autumn is also hunting season when a great variety of game can be hunted in throughout the country.

During a walk in a forest, one can enjoy the silence of the forest while picking berries and mushrooms, to later prepare them and serve them for a tasty meal.

In the capital city of Riga, the Latvian National Opera and Ballet opens its new season in the autumn. There are a lot of cosy cafes where one can find refuge from the cold, and quality restaurants to enjoy a hearty meal.

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