The museum is dedicated to Latvian horticulturalist and plant breeder Peteris Upitis (1896-1976). The various exhibits show his contribution to agricultural science and reveal his passion for photography, music and literature.

Apple trees, sweet cherry trees, pear trees, plum trees and berry plants grow in the experimental orchard, popularly referred to as Upitis’ Garden. Dobele is the northern-most location in the world where apricot trees grow and bear fruit. The garden offers practical training in fruit farming and hosts the Garden Festival annually.

Visit the garden in lilac blooming season

Upitis’ Garden is particularly popular among locals and tourists for its numerous varieties of lilac. Classical music concerts during the lilac blooming season every spring have become a tradition. The garden’s lilac collection is one of the largest in Europe. In spring you can visit the garden also during the blooming season of cherry trees, apple trees and peach trees.

Taste and enjoy

Tasting sessions are organized for visitors. Sample sweet cherries in July and apples in fall. In winter, apples, candied fruit and juices are offered during tasting sessions. These products can be bought at the on-site store which also sells plants.

Study the secrets of agriculture

The museum offers information and consultations on the latest achievements in horticulture, guided tours to the experimental gardens and a stunningly beautiful collection of lilacs, the largest in the Baltic States.

Learn about outstanding legacy of Peteris Upitis

The experimental garden near Dobele town was launched in 1956 by plant breeder Peteris Upitis, the first head of the Dobele Fruit Research Laboratory. The plant breeder set out to breed winter-hardy species of fruit trees that would bear high-quality fruit in Latvia’s climate conditions and to turn our country in a blooming orchard.

The distinguished horticulturalist was an artist in his heart and had great passion for photography, poetry and music.

Memorabilia about the personality of Peteris Upitis and his professional achievement are displayed at the memorial museum, now a branch of the Institute of Horticulture.

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Graudu iela 1, Dobele, Dobele district
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