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Concert series "MŪDA" - music in nature


The concert series "MŪDA" - music in nature - will be a musical pleasure for cultural gourmets, during which the chosen green area in nature will become a new, unexplored stage and at the same time - a beautiful scenic scenography. Recognizable and beloved musicians in Latvia will take part in each concert, while nature will become the dominant hero of the event in this concert cycle. Visitors to the event can expect both a musical adventure and an event filled with the smells and feelings of nature.

"MŪDA" will create inspiration, mood and feelings.

Earth, fire, air and water - four elements that have been turning the world for hundreds of years. Each of these forces has its own sound and presence in everyday life. Each "MŪDA" concert will be dedicated to one of the four elements. The first concert will take place in the sign of the element Earth. Let's let it go together with the outstanding singer and composer Linda Leen and the talented guitarist Rihards Lībietis on May 30 at 19.00 and at 21.00!

The other concerts of the concert series “MŪDA” will take place on June 20 at sunset and on June 21 at sunrise (element UGUNS); July 18 (elemental AIR); August 29 (elemental WATER).
Event tickets can be purchased at "Biļešu paradīze" only electronically -

The concerts will take place in accordance with the sanitary protocol for the safety of event attendees.


30 €

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