The International Sand Sculpture Festival annually gathers thousands of guests from Latvia and beyond its borders, who go to Jelgava to enjoy the art of sand sculpture, musicians' concerts and the festival's atmosphere.

Pre-sale price until the 7th of June: at the "Biļešu Paradīze" box office in Latvia, the Jelgava House of Culture box office, and on the electronic website

All purchased tickets are one-day tickets for the specific day of the festival (with multiple opportunities to return to the territory on the specific day of the festival).

Festival "Summer Signs 2024"/Sand Sculpture Festival in Jelgava

Post Island, Jelgava June 8 / 10.00 – 01.00, June 9 / 10.00 – 23.00

The biggest sand sculpture park in the Baltics, with the works of sand sculptors from 11 countries!

This year's festival theme, “World Fairy Tales,” welcomes visitors to dip in themselves in the magical kingdom of fairy tales. Sculptors from Indonesia, the USA, Spain, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Turkey, Mexico, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia are working to gather the beloved fairy-tale characters together in Jelgava and unite them in a fantasy kingdom.

Local music stars will take the stage of the summer festival "SUMMER SIGNS 2024"

on June 8: Zelta Kniede, Kautkaili, Emilija Bērziņa, Būū and the group "Līvi", all-day creative workshops, foam parties, surprises, and play shows for children: "Pippi Longstocking unexpected adventures”, "Shurumburum behind the thirty-nine lands", "Carousel of surprises".

However, on June 9, visitors will be treated to fun play performances for the whole family: "Sweet colorful wonder", "Book of Miracles",  "Once upon a time there lived...", the song playgame "Honey Cake," and the dance program "For our joy, for your joy". The musical atmosphere will be provided by Chris Noah, Fiņķis and Dj Rudd.


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Brīvdabas koncertzāle “Mītava”, Jelgava