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Kuldīga restaurant week

16.03.2020 to 22.03.2020

Kuldīga will host the Restaurant Week, offering various delicious dishes made from fresh, local products with a special focus on the diversity and nutritional benefits of hemp.

Hemp has always been held in high regard by Latvians. Hemp seeds were one of the important protein sources for our ancestors, with knowledge of their exceptional nutritional value dating back several centuries. Nowadays, hemp evokes a variety of associations, which is why it will be the main focus of the Kuldīga Restaurant Week: to remind us all of its nutritional value and diverse culinary applications.

As usual, during the Restaurant Week, the restaurants and cafés will be serving dishes that are not normally included in their menus for very attractive prices: two dishes for EUR 10 or three dishes for EUR 12. 

+371 20371650

10.00 or 12.00 EUR

56.967930, 21.970888