Latvia’s 100th anniversary will be a grand occasion. On this day every year, locals lay flowers at the Freedom Monument and spend time with loved ones. Riga’s streets and cafes are buzzing, there’s a special atmosphere in the city. In the evening, the president addresses the nation and the speech is followed by celebratory fireworks. In 2018, the celebrations will be particularly grand and the programme will be enriched with concerts and other events.

Latvia's Centenary Programme


Enjoy Staro Rīga Light Festival

NOV 16 - NOV 19

Riga’s buildings, squares, bridges and monuments are brought to life by talented visual artists. The light shows are often accompanied by sounds, music and even theatre. Festivalgoers traipse through the city armed with maps and hot drinks to see as many installations as possible.

Staro Rīga coincides with Latvia’s Independence day celebrations on 18 November.


Dance all night to Latvian music

Night of NOV 18

This tradition began on Latvia's 90th birthday.

On the night of November 18th, clubs and other entertainment venues in Latvia and abroad play Latvian musical favourites in the original and in cover versions. An Even Hundred (Pilnīgs simts) - the songs selected by Latvian Radio - form the basis for the Centenary Club Night playlist.

Participants of Latvia's Centenary Club Night


Watch the performance of light - Lifetime of the Sun

 NOV 18 - 21:00 at 11. novembra krastmala

The central character of the light performance is the Sun, telling the story of Latvia from independence until today and will conclude with a magnificent centenary fireworks show dedicated to the future of Latvia and faith in the Latvian people and each of its residents.


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