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Exceptional exhibition dedicated to the Centenary of Latvia


Currently, 1000 valuable items have been selected but there are more to come.

In May 2018, the exhibition named “A Century of Latvia” will be opened at the exhibition rooms of the National History Museum of Latvia displaying exquisite historical items from Kurzeme, Latgale, Sēlija, Vidzeme, Zemgale and Riga.

It will be one of the most meaningful gifts to Latvia for its centenary that will give an answer to the question “What is Latvia?” The exhibition will reflect the history of Latvia over the last hundred years emphasising the core values and main events during the respective period of time and revealing how the multi-layered body of politics, culture, way of thinking and attitude has changed and what over the years has remained the same.

The preparation works for the exhibition have started very early. From over 6000 items offered by the National History Museum of Latvia, around 1000 objects are currently selected.

The chosen items may change, however, the organisers of the exhibitions are sure that in the large 700 sq. m space of the National History Museum of Latvia the visitors will have plenty to see and experience.

The group organising the exhibition consists of eight museums, however, it also cooperates with 60 state, local government and private museums. This cooperation project is the most unique in regards scope in the history of this field.

The exhibition will be divided into several stages — Idejas aizstāvēšana, (Standing Up for an Idea) Neatkarības karš (1918-1920) (War of Independence ((1918-1920)), Jauncelsmes ideāli (New Ideals), Demokrātiskā republika (1921-1934) (The Democratic Republic (1921-1934)), Latviskā Latvija (Very Latvian Latvia), Autoritārisma laiks (1934-1940) (Period of Authoritarianism (1934-1940)), Aizliegtā valsts (The Forbidden Country), Karš un okupācijas (1940-1945) (War and Occupations (1940-1945)), Aizlauztā Latvija (Broken Latvia), Staļina laiks (1945-1953) (The Rule of Stalin (1945-1953)), Personīgā Latvija (Personal Latvia), Padomju laiks (1953-1985) (The Soviet Time (1953-1985)), Valstgriba (Desire for a Nation), Latvijas neatkarības atjaunošana (1986-1991) (Restoration of Independence (1986-1991)), Sarežģītā demokrātija (Complex Democracy) and Atjaunotā Latvijas Republika (1991-2004) (Restored Republic of Latvia (1991-2004)).

Each of these exhibition periods will depict a particular topic and provide a short summary of political situation at that particular time. Every topic will have 3 to 4 stories shared by not only prominent members of society, but also common citizens.

Even though there is still a long way to go until the opening of the exhibition, soon the exhibition’s website will be launched where visitors will be able to find articles about the exhibition and related developments.

A special feature will be created just for the website — a timeline of history named “Latvia 100 years ago” which will depict the time period from May 1917 to 18 November 1918. Visual materials, documents and historian video commentary featured in the timeline will help to better understand the historical background on how the Latvian State was founded.

Before the opening of the exhibition, the website will hold a public vote about the contemporary Latvian values the results of which will be used to create another exhibit for the time period starting from 2004 to today.

The exhibition will be open for viewing until 2021.