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Green holiday in the green Latvia


No matter how green the city, it will never achieve the green level of the countryside. So, let us go there!


And let us seek out the accommodation bearing the Green Certificate label. This environment quality label was created in Latvia 18 years ago, and at first the stringent criteria of certification could be fulfilled only by 12 companies of rural tourism. Currently there are 73 such companies in the small territory that is Latvia. As well as in all municipalities.

For instance, would you like to visit the northern part of Latvia, the location of Ķoņu dzirnavas, the farm holding the Green Certificate and boasting a 200-year-old mill?

The old equipment is maintained in working order, and the both corn and wool are processed at the mill.

People enjoying the green holiday are treated with homemade bread and other goods harvested in the garden and from the fields. The guests may go for the horseback riding, row a boat, have a proper sauna experience and be sure that neither themselves nor the nature is harmed in the process.

Leisure in the countryside becomes unforgettable because of the nature: meadows and groves, and forests that cover more than the half of the country's territory. We really are one of the greenest countries in the world.

There are 4 national parks in Latvia. The biggest of these is the Gauja National Park located in the northern part of the country. Razna National Park is in the eastern Latvia called the land of lakes because of its countless lakes. Kemeri National Park near the capital, Riga, reveals the mysterious world of the marsh; and Slitere National Park will bring immense joy to the bird watchers.