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Kuldīga, the pearl of small towns, shines ever brighter


A new record has been set in the popular accommodation booking portal "".

Each year, Kuldīga proves itself to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Latvia. 2016 has proven to be an especially successful year. According to the data of the popular booking system "", last year the number of roomnights spent in the tourist lodgings in the town of Kuldīga and its municipality has increased by 52 percent in comparison with the previous year. It is a record-high growth!

"In my opinion, Kuldīga has reached and reflects what was forecasted for Latvia a few years ago by the Oxford researchers," Artis Gustovskis, the Head of Kuldīga Active Recreation Centre, comments on the data.

"They said: in order to achieve recognition and a positive brand in the tourism, at least 20 - 25 years should pass.  We established the tourism centre in Kuldīga in 1995 and began to develop tourism almost according to a good textbook of marketing, beginning with an accurate strategy and ending with attractive events. Now, after 22 years we begin to taste the first results and positive fruit of the invested work."

Artis Gustovskis is satisfied with the achieved results and thinks that "Kuldīga is becoming a small, exclusive and qualitative tourist destination; the small Switzerland of Latvia."

The average price for the sold room in Kuldīga municipality was 53.90 EUR, but the average evaluation given by the visitors to the accommodations of the Kuldīga municipality was 8.95. It is one of the highest indicators in Latvia.

Every year the percentage of foreign tourists visiting Kuldīga and Kuldīga municipality grows, and last year it reached 36%. Kuldīga is most appreciated by tourists from Germany and Lithuania, as well as from Estonia and Russia. Last year the number of visitors from France, the Netherlands, the USA and the Great Britain increased as well.

The small town of Kuldīga is a real pearl due to various aspects. It is located on our beautiful river Venta with its waterfall Ventas Rumba: the widest waterfall in Europe.  An old arched bridge built of bricks leads to the pretty small town.

Its buildings seem to be taken right out of a postcard. Tile roofs, authentic windows and doors, small shops of artists and craftsmen, benches to sit on and relax, flower baskets, cafes and confectioneries tempting with delicious scent of baked goods.

History of Kuldīga is tightly linked with one of the most famous pages of history and the name of Duke Jacob, under whose leadership the 17th century has been a successful time in the whole Dutchy of Courland and Semigallia.    

Kuldīga has received several international awards for tourism development and successes. It has been recognised as the European destination of excellence (EDEN) in Latvia, has received the European tourism innovation award VISTA, and the name of Kuldīga can be found on the list of the world's most sustainable destinations GLOBAL TOP100.

As the first in the Baltic States, Kuldīga has formed the innovative Netherlands' Junction Bicycle Network; and this year in May 27 the largest non-commercial festival of cyclists in the Baltic States will be held in the beautiful small town and its vicinity. Considering that such an event will be held already for the tenth time, it promises to be especially exciting this spring.