The Venta Rapid is the widest waterfall in Europe, which in spring and autumn offers a view on flying fish.

The width of the waterfall is around 100—110 metres, while its height is 1.8—2 metres.

The waterfall can be viewed along its entire length from both the sides of the river, as well as from the old brick bridge across the Venta, which is located 200 m downstream from the waterfall.

Flying Fish of Kuldīga

Each autumn and spring one can see an exciting phenomenon here, as the fish try to clear the rapid by jumping over it.

About 300 years ago, Jacob, the Duke of Courland, invented a way to catch with baskets placed along the rapid the fish that came upstream to breed and jumped across the rapid.

Due to these fishing devices invented by Duke Jacob, Kuldīga used to be called to be a town where you can catch salmon in the air. One could catch as many as 80—100 salmon a day.

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