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Tervete Nature Park – one of the favourite parks in the Baltics


In 2017, the park was visited by almost 147 thousand tourists, most of which were families with children. 

The nature park in Tervete of the public joint stock company “Latvia’s State Forests” (LVM) has been one of the favourite tourism attractions not only in Latvia but in all Baltic states for a few years now. The park covers a territory of more than 1200 hectares. Each year the existing infrastructure is being renewed and new objects are being built – both wooden sculptures and attractions for active recreation.


In 2017, the park was visited by 146,5 thousand tourists.

“The number of visitors is stable from year to year in spite of changing weather conditions which is an important factor for nature tourism,” says Ruta Vazdiķe, specialist of the nature park.

Already for the fifth year in a row, the number of visitors to the nature park has exceeded 100 thousand people. Many admirers of leisure activities value dozens of different events organised by the park and have gone on long walks, whilst enjoying the loveliness of different seasons in the picturesque centenarian pine forest.

It is notable that the nature park in Tervete is not only popular with local tourists but also with foreign guests. The number of foreign tourists constantly exceeds 40 percent of the total number of visitors. Of course, most guests are from the neighbouring country Lithuania, where it is well known that Tervete Nature Park is a wonderful place, especially for families with children.

The park is constantly growing and developing, it offers new entertainment possibilities for both young and old visitors. In year 2018, dwarf town Čiekure will have become larger. Already in spring, the Carpenter and Weaver quarters and the Little dining house will open. A renewed exposition is waiting in the Mushroom forest, but in the Fairy tale forest the Sumpurnisi family (A ‘Sumpurnis’ in Latvian mythology is a manlike ogre with a dog’s snout) has been given a new look; in Witch’s forest there have been built swings from magical brooms and an apartment for the Witch.

The most popular one of the events that are hosted in the Nature Park is Walpurgis Night, when the number of tourists tends to be record high.

In the beautiful forest of the park people celebrate weddings, birthdays and nursery graduations.

The nature park in Tervete has not only become one of the destinations for school excursions but it is also turning into a forest environmental education centre for children and the youth. Recreation in nature is combined with field trips in the Green Classroom, activities during Forest expeditions, exploratory hikes and summer camps. Children learn about forest ecosystem and forest management, and do different practical exploratory tasks about nature.

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