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Press trips

To receive support for your press trip from the Tourism Department of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), please complete a media request form. We reserve the right to respond only to those forms which have been fully completed and comply with the guidelines below.

Based on the completed media request form, LIAA may be able to offer:

  • to put together a programme
  • accommodation (on average, no more than 5 nights)
  • ground transport
  • guide and/or interpreter services
  • help to obtain permission to film and/or take photos at sites and attractions*
  • transport to Latvia (on a case-by-case basis. We rely heavily on airline partnerships).

Our focus

We prioritise requests from media from our target markets: Sweden, Finland, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Norway, Japan, China, and Korea.

If your media organisation is from another market, we are most interested in national scale media or niche media focused on travelling.

Topics we are interested in working with: culinary travel, nature, and wildlife, history and heritage, architecture, outdoor adventures, spa and wellness, arts and culture, Latvia as more than a city break destination.

Important deadlines

5 weeks before planned press trip – last moment to submit a media request form.

7 days before the press trip – last moment to cancel.

In case of late cancellation that is not due to force majeure, LIAA reserves the right to request compensation of losses (e.g. deposits for accommodation, prepayment of meals).

2 weeks before the press trip – last moment to confirm press trip programme if transport is required.

1 week before the press trip – last moment to confirm press trip programme if transport is not required.

Things to note

We require a letter or email from your editor or producer to confirm the assignment.

LIAA is unable to host partners, spouses or other family members, unless they play a crucial part in your story (e.g. family travel magazine).

After the trip

Please send us all coverage generated as a result of your trip.

Please complete the feedback form provided by LIAA to ensure that we are aware of any issues that may have arisen during your trip.


*legal responsibility is on the owner/holder of the photo/video shooting equipment; drone permission documentation takes around 3 weeks and is regulated by law (law in Latvian language, valid from 17.08.2019.)