Abava Rumba is the second widest waterfall in Latvia, up to 1 m high and 35 m wide.

Abava Rumba is a spectacular phenomenon that is on display for visitors in all seasons. The waterfall forms as the waters of Abava River fall over the sloping Frasnian dolomite steps of Pļaviņas that have no overhang.

Spend a day at Abava Rumba:

  • Find your inner peace as you listen to the sound of water
  • Cool off in the summer by wading the river upstream, and bathing below the waterfall
  • Go angling in the Abava
  • Fry the fish you catch or sausages you have brought, or even make a soup on a campfire
  • Do not worry about changeable weather – you can take shelter in the shed
  • Let your children have a great time on the swing and carousel
  • Stay overnight in a tent or in your campervan!

Water transport across Abava Rumba

The waterfall has always been a major impediment for river traffic. It was often the place until which – or from which – one could go in a boat or other vessel. Getting timber rafts over the waterfall was particularly troublesome. Originally, raftsmen even made special log dams in order to raise the level of water in the river and get their rafts safely across the waterfall.

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Abavas rumba, Abava parish, Talsi district
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Abavas rumba, Abava parish, Talsi district