“Ozolkalns" is a mountain for active people.In “Ozolkalns” a person can be on the mountain, at the mountain, in the middle of the mountain, behind the mountain and at the bottom of the mountain.Just like the mountain can be underneath, in front of, over and next to a person.

In the beginning of September, 2008, the Adventure park "Ozolkalns" received a EU certificate on the safety of amusement parks guaranteeing the compliance of the attractions and equipment with the adopted safety requirements.

"Ozolkalns" is unique with its long 500 m long runs (height difference 80 m) for skiers and snowboarders in winter.A special track has been set up for beginners and children.

Various recreational opportunities:

  • facilitated campfire and picnic places with the appropriate equipment;
  • camping places;
  • mountain bike track;
  • playgrounds for children.
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Ozolkalns, Drabeši parish, Cēsis district
Active leisure

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Ozolkalns, Drabeši parish, Cēsis district

Working hours:

Monday - Sunday
10:00 - 19:00