Aluksne New Castle was commissioned by Alexander von Vietinghoff and built from 1859 – 1863 in the style of English neo-gothic. There was an ice cellar and a round cellar behind the castle. On the left corner of the castle under the tower there is the coat of arms of the Vietinghoff family.

The last owner of the castle was baron Arnold von Vietinghoff. In 1918 he moved to Germany and took part of the interior and art works with him. During the first independency of Latvia Aluksne New Castle was housing the 7th Sigulda Infantry Regiment. Now the Aluksne Museum and Nature Museum "The Environmental Labyrinth", as well as Aluksne Children and Youth Centre and Aluksne district Tourism Information Centre are located here.

Museum has various exhibitions and permanent expositions. Permanent expositions: •    Marienburg Fortress 1342- 1702; •    Story about Leo Kokle; •    Sculptures and other witnesses of the recent past; •    Memorial exhibition to those suffered from the totalitarian regime.

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Pils iela 74, Alūksne, Alūksne district

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Pils iela 74, Alūksne, Alūksne district
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