In Jūrmala, just a five-minute walk from Dubulti station, is an ancient wooden two-storey house where one of the most outstanding women in the history of Latvia lived - the poetess and playwright Aspazija (1865-1943).

Behind the charming facade of the house lies the most unusual museum in Jurmala, which allows visitors to travel in time back to the 1930s. This feeling is created not only by the interior corresponding to the era - the magnificent guest salon, cozy verandas, luxurious studio, original works of art and narrow wooden stairs. With the help of digital technologies, the museum allows you to meet the poetess herself and her eternal companions - cats who are lazy, reminding you of their presence by meowing.

The youngest visitors of the museum are delighted by the interactive game table in Aspazija's dining room, where the included games introduce both the children and adults to the poet's work in an exciting way.

Aspazija is the pioneer of modern Latvian poetry and drama. The poetess-rebel stood for the woman of the new age - fiery, proud, independent, one who wants to shape her own life, be faithful to herself and her voice. Together with her husband - poet and public figure Rainis, Aspazija brings modern spirit, new language, new symbols and sensuality to Latvian literature. Aspazija advocated the idea of ​​an independent Latvia and was the first deputy in the Latvian parlament.

We recommend using an audio guide to visit the museum, allowing the poetess herself to introduce you to the secrets of her house. Audio guide - 2 euros. For pupils, students and pensioners - free of charge. Audio guide is available in Latvian, Russian, English, German and French.

Guided tour - 15 euros. To ensure that all of our visitors have an enjoyable experience,  guided tours have to be booked in advance. 

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Dubulti, Z. Meierovica prospekts 18/20, Jūrmala
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Dubulti, Z. Meierovica prospekts 18/20, Jūrmala
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