If you wish to witness a film being shot outdoors and try on the image of a popular character of the past, the Cinevilla Studio backlot in picturesque Kurzeme is where you should go.

Cinevilla is located 15 kilometres from Tukums, in Slampe Parish. A visit to Cinevilla is like traveling in a time machine – you will see what Riga looked like about a hundred years ago.

There is a church, bridges, market squares, cobblestone streets, Daugava embankment and boats, tramway, military machinery and a lot of other props at Cinevilla, offering visitors insight into the film making business.


Construction of the backlot began in 2004 for the shooting of the Defenders of Riga – a film about the freedom battles in 1919, when both the Germans and Russians were trying to annihilate the newly-independent Republic of Latvia, established just in November 1918. To date, several Latvian feature films have been shot at the backlot, including Rudolfs’ Gold, Dream Team 1935, and a number of foreign films.

While at Cinevilla:

  • Go on a tour of the backlot together with your family, make your excursion an unforgettable adventure by wearing a “get up” of a popular movie hero.
  • Do not just see how special effects are created for film – take active part in the process!
  • See some of the films shot in Cinevilla – Defenders of Riga, Rudolfs’ Gold or Dream Team 1935
  • Every May, take part in the Strong Run (Stipro skrejiens), where the bravest teams compete in extreme endurance race – or challenge your friends or colleagues to a race.


There is a pub in the territory of Cinevilla, where one can order a tasty theme dinner, for instance, a “Dream-Team cutlet French-style”.


Cinevilla’s hotel has modern and cozy rooms, with the interiors designed to fit  a number of popular Latvian and foreign films.

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Vidusvecvagari, Slampe parish, Tukums district
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Vidusvecvagari, Slampe parish, Tukums district