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Corner House

The Corner House, or the former headquarters of the USSR State Security Committee (KGB), is still a symbol of occupation and captivity for the Latvian nation and has now opened its doors to visitors.

The exhibition prepared by the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia tells the story about the activity of the scariest USSR instrument of power, the State Security Committee (KGB), in Latvia.

In 1940-1941 and 1944-1990, chekists imprisoned, interrogated and, during the first year of occupation, also executed citizens, who were considered to be opponents to the occupation regime, inside the Corner House.

A visit to the Corner House will be a revelation to the younger generation about Latvia’s recent past, and also a memorial for those who suffered within these walls.

Visit the Corner House and see

  • cellars;
  • cells;
  • exercise grounds;
  • yard;
  • interrogation room.

Go on a guided tour "Cheka Cellars"

The tour tells a story about relations between a man and the authority during soviet occupation, which still affects our minds today.

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