The only ammunition factory in the Baltic States that is available for tourists. Here is the oldest shot tower in Europe that still works. Exposition of factory’s history, lead shot production and hunting ammunition, exploration of the historical devices and tools and after the excursion, everyone can try the factory’s pneumatic ammunition in the factory’s shooting range.

Note: Excursions are not held in the historical workplaces during the time of lead shot production.

The factory offers seeing the historic exhibition and lead shot casting workshop and climbing its unique 37 m high tower with 19 m deep cooling well under it. You may see the famous Church Hill (Baznīcu kalns)of Daugavpils, the city centre and the distant fortress walls from the factory tower.  The ammunition factory is the destination of many local and foreign tourists willing to experience the unique ambience of the 19th century and learn about the operation of the ancient equipment today.

After visiting the factory everyone is invited to test the ready production at the factory's shooting-gallery.

Visit to the factory may be combined with seeing Daugavpils Fortressand other military objects, thus gaining an extensive insight into many aspects of Latvian military history.

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Varšavas iela 28, Daugavpils

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Varšavas iela 28, Daugavpils