In Daugavpils, near Lielais Stropu Ezers lake, there is a tourist attraction – adventure park “Daugavpils Tarzāns”. Obstacle park is suitable for children as well as for adults for active leisure. It will be interesting for both children and adults, since the tracks are tailored to different interests.

The park consists of 6 obstacle tracks with different degrees of difficulty.

The green track is an adventure track for children with 16 different obstacles. For adults this will be a proper warm-up before going up higher.

The blue track with simple obstacles, raised up to 5 m above ground level, will also allow more cautious people to finish the track.

The red track is set 10 m above the ground and includes a jump in the net with Tarzāns rope, flying skateboard and other exciting obstacles.

The black track suits for those who seek challenges. This track requires physical strength and coordination since there are 14 high intensity obstacles 12 m above the ground.

Adventure park is equipped with the new generation security system “Speedrunner” from the Swiss company “Kanopeo”. The most important benefit of the new system is that it prevents risk of unfastened safety belts. Continued connection with safety cable throughout the track ensures safe adventure.

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Dzintaru iela 74, Daugavpils
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Dzintaru iela 74, Daugavpils