Dikļi palace was built in the Neo-Baroque style in 1896 and restored in 2003. The second most important component of the Dikļi palace ensemble is the barn, which pre-dates the palace and was built in the late eighteenth century using elements of late Classicism and featuring a majestic portico, untypical for barns in Vidzeme.

The buildings of the Dikļi palace are organically complemented by a park spanning 20 hectares. Adjacent to the palace lies a duck pond, which is said to have had a floor made of oak. Mazbriede River begins just beyond the pond, whose ravines contain a landscape garden, also known as the Forest Park. In the 1960s, after surveying Dikļi palace park, it was found that approximately 20 exotic trees grow on its grounds.

Dikļi palace is one of the few palaces and landed estates in Vidzemes where much of the original interior décor has been relatively well-preserved. The palace contains a collection of luxurious old stoves and fireplaces. Dikļi palace was restored in 2003. At the moment, the palace houses a hotel, a restaurant, a spa and it provides a venue for various functions.

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Dikļi, Dikļi parish, Valmiera district
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Dikļi, Dikļi parish, Valmiera district
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