The Dzintari Forest Park in Jūrmala is a great place for both lovers of active recreation, and also for those who prefer a leisurely stroll in the crisp pine air.

The park is located in the heart of Jūrmala, and its most valuable asset is the 200-year-old pine grove and protected habitats, which have remained intact even to this day.

In the Dzintari Forest park

Go on a leisurely stroll along the walkways or go rollerblading, but in winter-time go skiing in the illuminated park.

Children can play on three different playgrounds, while enthusiasts of active leisure can go to the skate park or play street basketball.

Go up the Dzintari watchtower

The Dzintari watchtower, at 33.5 meters high, has a special large viewing platform, but throughout the entire height of the tower a total of 12 platforms are formed, overlooking all directions.

Come and view the sea and the Dzintari area from above.

Activities for children
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Dzintari, Jomas iela/Turaidas iela, Jūrmala
Active leisure

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Dzintari, Jomas iela/Turaidas iela, Jūrmala